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What all do you know about Sepsis?

Asked by meagan (4665points) May 19th, 2010

One of my old friends from high school told me tonight that she’s been pretty ill, and has sepsis.
I’ve tried googling it, but none of this is really making sense to me.

Can anyone explain to me what this is?

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Is she hospitalized?

She has it or she had it? If she currently has it she would most likely be in a hospital or likely intensive care.

It’s a very serious, life threatening condition. It’s an infection in the bloodstream.

Rather than limited to only one part of the body such as a cut or an infected tooth, its systemic, meaning the whole body.

It requires careful observation and management plus the right antibiotic. Thus, the need for hospitalization.

She’s fortunate to be alive, which means they caught it in time. Many people die from this.

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Shes been hospitalized, I believe. I think they treated her and shes got it, still.
She said that one day her knee was swollen, and thats how they caught it. Its all so surprising. Shes only 21.

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It can happen at any age, altho more likely for babies or the elderly rather than a presumably healthy young person.

Maybe one of the real life Fluther docs will weigh in here with further info.

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It is an extreme amount of bacteria in the blood. It is a very serious illness. There is much to read with a search engine search. I don’t see why it doesn’t make sense. Look at the Mayo Clinic website.

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That’s the thing with sepsis – very little is known about it. It’s the bane of healthcare industries everywhere. Essentially, it’s a blood infection in the same way that a staph infection or “blood poisoining” is, but it’s hard to say what causes it; it just kind of crashes the party. Except in rare situations, it’s quite treatable. You’d really need to talk to the doctor overseeing her case to know how serious her condition is.

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