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What are the most popular websites people use to get news on commodities market?

Asked by svoosh (5points) May 19th, 2010

I want to get an idea of what the best and most popular websites are for investors, professionals, independent who want to get news on metals/oil/wheat etc

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I primarily use Google Finance and Yahoo Finance for a quick look at stats. If you want almost real-time information, you have to subscribe to such services as ClearTrade.

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Commodies are best viewed at the CME here. google and yahoo are primarily focused on equities.

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@arpinum I beg to disagree. If you know what you’re looking for, you will find them at Google Finance and Yahoo Finance. Here’s Yahoo’s dedicated news page on Commodities. It only makes sense to start out searching on either Google or Yahoo Finance as these sites constantly scour the web for updates from various sources.

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@njnyjobs I stand corrected. OP was asking for news only, in which case yahoo and google are fine. CME has better pricing info, but thats evidently not what OP wants.

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@arpinum I agree, it sounds like this person wants news, which is not the most up-to-date prices. We get ours by looking at Wall Street Journal and CNN plus my husband subscribes to a service to send e-mails whenever the specific information he requests comes up.

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