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How can I make my bedroom like an entertainment room?

Asked by Swervy (107points) May 19th, 2010

I have a small bedroom with pale blue walls, white and beige furniture and beige bed side lamps. I am getting a lcd tv, ps3 and home theatre system in November. I want to get the right quilt cover color to make it look like and go with my entertainment stuff. What color would look great for the quilt, also would a curtain look great behind my tv on the wall?

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Did you get rid of all the clutter and the Harry Potter stuff?

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Black to go with the PS3 and TV. Paint the wall black behind the TV too.

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I’m not getting putting a home theatre in a bedroom

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I would definitely put a curtain on the TV wall.. and if you really wanted to get fancy, you could make it swishy on top and tie the sides back.

Black and white are great colors for this type of thing… if you could find a black and white patterned comforter and then paired it with a very bright colored sheet, it would look pretty cool.

@perspicacious: Actually, the bedroom in my “apartment” (it’s a finished attic with a bedroom, two extra rooms, and a bathroom) is the only room with cable running into it. Drilling holes and running wires is a pain… and I can’t fit a sofa through my doorway anyway, so my entertainment time is in my bedroom. So if I were to set up a home theatre, it would be in my bedroom also.

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As you indicated in previous questions, your room is very small. For that reason alone, I would not paint any of the walls black. You may also find that too big a TV dwarfs the room (you may not be able to get far enough away from it to be able to see it well). Because space is at a premium, I think I would try to craft some built-in storage on one wall that could have a larger space for the TV and spaces for other peripherals you wish to use. It could also hold books and other items that you need to store.

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I wouldn’t put a curtain behind the tv on the wall- it might overheat the unit. Electronics need cooler temperatures and their air vents to be unobstructed.

I would get three shelving units. One tall one and two shorter ones. Take as many shelves out of the tall one as needed to fit the tv inside on it’s stand. Place the ps3 and other units below on another shelf. Put one shorter unit on either side for storage- use baskets, decorated boxes etc to hid the clutter. I would go with a distressed white to hide how much space it’s taking. Or just a light color that matches your other furniture.

Comforters- well that depends on your style. I would suggest something simple. Anything busy would further shrink your room. Try looking for something with a neutral on neutral pattern, or one solid color with texture to add interest. I’m thinking something like this because it’s interesting but not too busy- plus the colors will pull together from the items already in your room.

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@gemiwing: I assumed the curtain wouldn’t be touching the TV.

If it will be, I agree with @gemiwing.

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No TV/Computer in Bedroom. It wrecks havoc on our sleeping-habits & sleeping-patterns.

Bedroom is to sleep and make love! ;-)

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