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Anyone have experience with Ragdoll cats? What's their temperament like?

Asked by Jude (32098points) May 19th, 2010

My sister is going to be getting one (in about a month, the kitties will be born). I’m curious as to what they’re like? I heard that they’re pretty laid back.

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Sweet and sappy. A little too soft for my taste.

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Big, fluffy, lazy, and sweet.

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My Ragdoll, Hannah, is very lazy, but she sheds a lot. She is a very good pillow as well :P

She gets along well with all my other cats and our two dogs. She doesn’t try to get outside very often, she just sleeps and purrs a lot. They don’t really mind being picked up or moved around, which makes them perfect sleeping buddies :)

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I have a Himalayan who is for all intents and purposes a Ragdoll (sometimes they can share the same personality characteristics).

He lives to be petted, he is very lazy and sleeps constantly during the day. He sheds a hell of a lot, but supposedly Ragdolls don’t because they have no undercoat. He loves company, and usually just follows my various family members around the house when he is awake.

People love him because he comes to greet visitors, and he’s pretty cute too.

He really doesn’t have a prey drive, and about as far as he goes outside is our back patio. He once picked up a live bird my other cat had brought in the house, and ran around frantically with it in his mouth, mostly because he didn’t know what to do next.

I think you’ll really like your cat, they’re good pets.

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I have always had Siamese and Himalayan types, ( not the squishy faced Persian type Himmy’s ) I adore their easy going and intelligent & affectionate personalities.

I have a client that has a Ragdoll, and a doll he is! Mega sweet, gentle, loving, just flops in your arms. I love Sammy! lol

When I was working on re-decorating their home it was all I could do to not lose my focus with Sammy around.

I just adopted a darling Tortie point Siamese ( or colorpoint shorthair ) she is proving to be quite the character, loving, intelligent ( fetches like a dog ) energetic but not destructive.

I think the Siamese, Himalayans and Ragdolls are some of the most awesome cats ever!

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@Coloma Yay for normal looking Himalayans! :)

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@ ShingingToast


I wouldn’t ignore a flat faced cat if it needed me, but..don’t care for that Persian face at all!

I am also partial to the old applehead siamese, my new girl is in the middle, a bit more angular face and body type but not the ultra wedgie headed triangle face either, She’s going to be such a cool new friend, I am amzed how quickly she is catching on to the house and routine…smart, smart, smart one she is! :-)

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A friend has one.It is beautiful and sweet tempered.
Get a Maine Coon.I have two and they are the best! Yeah,the best! :))

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The prettiest cat my family owns. We love him to death- his temperment is amazing. You pick him up and he just hangs (hence ragdoll). He is very playful with the other cats too.

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AHHHHH, your sister is SO lucky. I have 2 Ragdolls, Sasha and Frasier. I got them from a breeder when they were just a few weeks old and they are now 11. They are the most incredible and beautiful cats in the world. They are supposed to just go “limp” in your arms but mine never have really done that. Sasha is the most playful girl ever, everyone thinks she’s still a kitten – she will run around and chase things and can catch her toys (that’s right, she stands up and actually will catch a toy in her paws if you throw it at her). She’s such a princess, loves people (will roll around on her back when you come in so you can pet her belly—which most cats do not allow—and admire her beautiful eyes). If she is comfy where she is, she will put her teeth on you (not bite but let you know) that she doesn’t want to be moved, but then will often run away. She has always refused to use the litter box (it’s been lots of trial and error to train her and well, she at least will pee in the box now).

My little boy (who is 18lbs and not very little at all – in my avatar) is lazy and fluffy and sweet as can be. He is well trained, loves to eat, loves to cuddle, is scared of everyone and everything and sleeps ALL day. He has had a lot of allergy problems – he requires shots monthly, and special food.

They are both healthy for the most part but very prone to gingivitis and other dental issues. Sasha has had to have teeth pulled (5 total in the past year) which is VERY expensive, and Frasier just had 5 pulled as well.

I highly recommend getting insurance early on and paying the little bit every month because Ragdolls are not cheap animals.

They shed like crazy, and are NOT hypoallergenic (although I was told they were, I am now horribly allergic to them). But, if your sister can find the right groomer (or some vets have groomers) they can shave them (not like in Austin Powers) but so that they look like little lions—- amazinlyg adorable!

There is nothing more in this world that I love than coming home to my babies waiting for me, asleep on my bed, right where I left them hours before. They are such wonderful cats… I was never really a cat person until I got them—and all of my friends who hate cats, fall in love, always. Best of luck to your sister!!! I am so excited for her! :)

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Awwww…he looks like my himmy x…yes, the grooming scene is pretty intense, my guy is getting shaved next week.

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For many years, my only friend in “real life” was a sealpoint Ragdoll cat named Skuttles. He and I were inseparable. I swear that cat understood what I said to him! If I had slept too late, and it was time to feed the kitty, he would run down the hall and across my bed to wake me. If that didn’t work, he would sit on my chest and stare at me. If THAT didn’t work, he would lick my moustache, and that ALWAYS worked. He died shortly after I moved to Texas, and I still miss him so much. I like to think that he hung on long enough for my Vicky and I to get together, and then he could leave, knowing his job of keeping me company was done. God, I loved that cat!

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That brings a tear to eye, awww, bless that little kitty heart!
I am preparing to lose my Gadwicke, he is 14 and has some health issues that are progressing.

He is the BEST guy ever…I know what you mean, I am going to miss him forever, just pampering him now and cherishing all he gives, has given over the years.

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Love hearing your stories.. Thanks for sharing!

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I know exactly how you feel. Cats give you signals that they are preparing to die, such as hiding, trying to get outside even if they’re always been an indoor cat, etc. It came as no surprise that my little buddy died. My only regret is that I wasn’t here at the time, but was on my way to North Carolina from Texas, to see my children and grandchildren. My wife made him comfortable and stayed with him to the last. She said that he didn’t suffer, just gave one little yelp and died. I was so grateful for that.

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I never had one but read that they are very laid-back, good with other pets and children. I heard that you should never leave them outdoors because they are so laid-back they won’t be able to defend themselves against other cats/animals.

@CaptainHarley I think they give you signs they are going to pass as well. I had a cat (named Max) that was my bro’s, Max wasn’t a 1 person cat and was close with both of us. When my bro passed on I took care of him, we were really close. Max would greet me coming home from work in the morning. The day he died he acted funny, strange, can’t really explain it because you had to know Max to know what I mean. Max didn’t seem unhealthy or sick but when I came home from work the next morning I found him lying dead in my room. I had autopsy done, they said it was a stroke. I felt bad I wasn’t there for him.

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It’s amazing how attached you can get to animals. Sometimes you have to watch closely to determine if they love you. For example, when you talk to a cat gently and call them by name, if they partially close their eyes while they’re looking at you, that’s about as close as they’re ever going to get to telling you outraight that they love you. : ))

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