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Would it be fair to say "they were out" and then give the item as a gift?

Asked by RocketSquid (3475points) May 19th, 2010

My Dad has been pining over a wireless security camera kit for a while now, and his birthday is coming up. My siblings and I are thinking about getting it for him as a birthday gift, but he has a tendency to pick up stuff he wants himself.
I’m heading up this weekend, and my dad mentioned he might have me pick up something from MicroCenter and pay me back when I get there.

Would it be fair to pick it up, tell him they didn’t have any when I was in, and then give it to him a few days later for his birthday?

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Sure, I don’t see an issue with it. He’ll still get it eventually, just make sure he doesn’t get it himself some other day. Also, he can call the store to check when they’ll have it again and the store will say they were never out.

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i think that would be nice but what if he tries to order it online or call the store in between when you tell him that they were out and when you give him it? it could get sticky in that way…..

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Like Deni says- the first thing he will do is either call that store or order it elsewhere.

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I think it’s fair, considering he’ll get the kit eventually and not even have to pay for it! You might have to come up with some genius plan to keep him from buying the kit on his own. How far away is his birthday? If it’s really soon, maybe make it an early present? I figure if he wants one that bad, he’ll be ecstatic to get it regardless of whether it actually falls on his birthday.

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Why not just call the store and ask what your dad has purchased and wants you to pick up? this will eliminate all the guesswork on your part. he may have ordered something entirely different than the security system. if so, that should solve your birthday problem for him.

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Of course it would.

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You could always give him his present a few days early.

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Why not just give him an early birthday present? It would just avoid a whole bunch of problems that a little white lie could create.

Even tho your intentions would be the best possible, lying just doesn’t seem like the best solution overall.

Why not also stop off at a party store and get a “Happy Birthday” bunch of balloons and a card to also give him.

Afterwards, you both could do a conference call with the other sibs and enjoy the special day a little early. When the actual day rolls around, there’s still cake and party food to enjoy.

Just seems so much less angst producing than trying to babysit a white lie to make sure it doesn’t backfire :)

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A birthday gift can be given any day of the year, and then celebrated on the actual day. Don’t wait or lie, just say hey, it’s an early birthday gift.

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