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The anti-tanner wishes to be tan...How can I spray tan without the streak?

Asked by Bobby42 (102points) May 19th, 2010

I enjoy being tan as most people do, but I refuse to “tan.” I wear sunscreen outside, a hat when I garden, and sun glasses when I am out. So obviously it is near impossible for me to get tan because of my barriers. In the past year I have tried multiple spray tanning products. I tried few of the expensive ones and found they work the same as the cheap ones. So I stick to the ones that are under 15 bucks or so preferably 10. My dilema is when I work out, especially where I wear my shoes, the spray comes off and leaves these awful streaky marks. Does any one have any really good spray tan, or lotion products? Presently I am using a banana boat lotion.

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Have you tried any of the gradual tan lotions? They come in different shades/strengths depending on your skin tone and take several applications before you really notice, but IMO it’s better than quick self-tan lotions and sprays because you’re not stuck with streaks or the color coming off.

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I do not fake tan personally but many of my friends are obsessed with it. they say the key to a good fake tan is deep exfoliation all over your body and putting moisturiser on harder skin areas before tanning. The best ones though are the ones you get done at salons. I agree with @MissAnthrope I have used the gradual tan ones however if you do not dedicate to even exfoliation on the shower these will go patchy too after a day or too. My main advice is therefore exfoliate all over. This removes any dying or about to die skin meaning your tan will last longer and soak into your skin better.

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i recommend the lotions. jergens, i think, makes a good one. it actually works and it looks natural. just make sure to wash your hands after you apply. spray tans never look good. i would avoid them like the plague.

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Why not just go get a little bit of sun. The chemicals in fake tanners aren’t good for you at all.

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Mystic tan – the professional spray ones done at a salon. Exfoliate first, moisturize after, and always wear clothes where it’s ok if a little bit rubs off on the way home.

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Pay someone who knows what they are doing to do it for you.

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someone told me last nite jergens foam is the best. I’m with you.

let’s exfoliate and go for it

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I’m with @Lightlyseared on this one – a professional can do a great job and it will last longer.

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