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Is there an online version of The Anarchist Cookbook?

Asked by RexCredo (142points) May 19th, 2010

I was wondering if you can get the book online and if it is banned

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You can order it from Amazon

I downloaded it off a BB in the late 80’s. I probably still have a copy sitting around somewhere (if only I still had a 51/4 inch floppy disc drive to access it with

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Plenty of archany books here

One of my favorite sites!

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Yeah just so you know, a lot of information in there is pure bullshit. The drugs don’t work and some of the “explosives” are a joke. Interesting read though.

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Oh yeah, some of it seems ridiculous to me me too. People wouldnt tell you how to make drugs when they could just sell them for money. Some of it is pretty cool though.

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@XOIIO “People wouldnt tell you how to make drugs when they could just sell them for money” Not true. There are PLENTY of teks online. Totse is a great example of this.

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Huh, wierd.

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@uberbatman The Temple was a great example.

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