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Good fundraising ideas for a law program?

Asked by jeneatha (108points) May 19th, 2010

i got into a law program that cost about $1600. i need good fund raising ideas to get the money up by September – October. NOTHING STUPID PLEASE!!

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Are you eligible for overtime (time-and-a-half) at your job? If yes, would your employer be receptive to letting you work a few extra hours per week over the next several months? Overtime pay would be in addition to your regular wages or salary, and the time-and-a-half rate can add up rather nicely. While it’s true that overtime pay can be expensive for an employer to provide, some companies like to reward a worker for having initiative and being willing to put in more hours.

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You could write letters and send them out to local businesses asking for a community sponsor. Think of a way it will help them earn business and put that in the request letter.

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What is a “law program?”

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The best way to accumulate money is to get a job. At minimum wage ($7.25/hr) you could easily earn twice that amount in three months, working full time, or work half time will still reach your goal.

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Bikini car wash

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By law program do you mean law school? If so, how the hell does it cost only $1600?

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it a program in washinton dc and i am going there as a junior and getting some college credits. it takes you through everything lawyers and do and introduce you to some college and famous laywers and judges

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