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How do you get a cd out of a mac?

Asked by snowyowl_ecs (417points) May 19th, 2010

I know it sounds kinda stupid, but I accidentally put a cd that is for a pc video game in my mac. The computer won’t even acknowledge the disc and I don’t know how to get it out. I’ve tried the eject button and restarting the computer. Please help me.

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Short article about your problem:

The last suggestion of holding the mouse button down while restarting almost always ejects the disc.

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Here is something along the same lines. And thanks, for asking the question. I’ve had my iMac for almost three years and I’ve never needed to know this, but I might someday. Or maybe here: (the link doesn’t want to work, I think it’s the underscores).

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You can also try using the Terminal and entering this command drutil tray eject

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@windex That was the first thing I looked for on my iMac when I saw this question. I didn’t see any place where you could insert a paper clip to release/eject the CD. Where is is it?

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@lillycoyote @windex Macs don’t have a hole for paperclips.

Hold the mouse button down on boot up or use the terminal command suggested by @johnpowell

Why would you want to shove paperclips in your nice Mac?

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@wenn That’s what I thought. I’ve had my iMac for almost 3 years and never thought that was an option but @windex seemed sure, with the caps and everything. I thought maybe I was missing something.

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Well, it was an option on older Macs and still is on PCs.

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There is a Small hole where you can put the paperclip in (and push), make sure you reshape the paperclip and make it straight.
If it’s a fairly new mac, then you might not be able to do it. You should try holding down the EJECT button for more than 1 second. Sometimes that’s the issue.
Make sure you look for the CD icon on the desktop, maybe you’re just not seeing it. drag it to the trashcan if you do. Also there is an Eject button, ex. itunes window, push it.
One last thing you might wanna try is forcing the lid/cover that is covering the CD open. (But gently) Sometimes that’s what is preventing the cd to come out. (not all macs have this)
Good luck (post a pic if you can or at least tell us the model)

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Really, let’s stop fooling around, when was the last Mac manufactured that had a hole where you could stick a paperclip, however fashioned, that would allow you to eject a disk? I bet it was a while ago.

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The first article you list was last modified in 2004.

Your second link was last modified in 2008, and pictured is an older generation machine.

Your third link is for a Microsoft Windows/PC machine.

You last link is dead.

Manual eject/paperclip holes are not featured on newer Macs.

Get over it.

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@wenn: snowyowl_ecs never put the model. I am trying to be helpful. What did you want me to get over?
Is this highschool? Are you mad because you were wrong and that there are macs that have holes?

Don’t worry, I make mistakes all the time. Replying to your post is probably a mistake. You need to relax. My mood=happy, trying to help

Last link was just a pic of a paperclip for fun…again, happy mood….

I’m not really trying to prove anything…

Here, here is a *GreatAnswer for you to make you happy in case you are in a bad mood!

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Thanks for all your help guys. :-)
When I tried holding the mouse down and restarting the computer the disc came out.

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All’s well that ends well. And to all, a goodnight! :-)

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