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What is anybody's experience with remanufactured color ink cartridges?

Asked by peggylou (1136points) February 13th, 2007
They are so very much cheaper than the regular ones, but if they don't perform, then it's not worth the money savings. What has been your experience?
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I read on consumer reports that you should always buy printer cartridges new and from the maker of your printer. I have had one printer jam up when I used a cheap cartridge with it.
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I’ve had just as many problems with new as I have had with “refilled” ones. The problem is that many new printers have chips on the cartridges themselves, making it hard to use non-manufacturer ones.

The only good thing I’ve had with new ones is that if they die or go bad before empty, a simple call will get them to replace it for you. Remanufactured ones, you’re just SOL.

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in my case I always used remanufactured ink cartridges and I am doing well. I always used remanufactured because it’s cheaper than those new one. And it’s quite amazing that it’s printing well even if it just a remanufactured cartridge. I am not saying that everybody should go on remanufactured, it’s up to the buyer to choose.
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