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Can I use a DVD-R disc to burn audio and not video?

Asked by desiree333 (3219points) May 19th, 2010

I want to burn a CD but I can only find DVD-R discs is my house. Can I put audio (music) onto a DVD-R disc instead of video?

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You can, but you will only be able to play it on a DVD player. Some burning programs will let you do this, but others will only let you put it on as an mp3 (or wma) file, in which case you will only be able to play it on computers and select DVD players.

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Oh, I didn’t realize you had made a new question!
I answered in your other question but I’ll put it here too.
If you put music files onto a DVD-R disc it would just be a data disc meaning the files will be there if you put in on another computer and opened them up but you can’t just stick it into a CD-player or a stereo because it wouldn’t play.

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@squidcake You can make audio DVDs that are not data discs, but they will only play on sound systems with a DVD optical drive.

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I was planning on playing it on a DVD player anyways, because thats what we use for our music. So as long as I play it in a DVD player it should work right?

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I have not done this but….

I would create a movie, with only a soundtrack, and burn it to DVD.

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I thought DVD-Rs played in CD players…. guess not…

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@desiree333 Yes, as long as you burn it as an audio DVD and not a data DVD. I use Nero, which has an option called “Make Nero Digital Audio DVD”.

@Jeremycw1 CDs and DVDs have different sized data pads, which require a different frequency laser. A DVD drive can play CDs, because its high frequency laser can also do low frequencies, but a CD only drive is not engineered with enough precision to use a high frequency beam.

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@FireMadeFlesh I see. I didn’t know they used different lasers. Hmmm

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@Jeremycw1 Hence the “blue” in BluRay – blue is a high frequency colour, and BluRay discs require a frequency that is higher again.

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I made one using the DVD-R disc and it was fine. It also fits all 40 of my songs as opposed to only being able to fit 17 on a CD.

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