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Zenele likes hip hop, what would you "Rap"-ommend?

Asked by Aethelwine (42961points) May 19th, 2010

I would suggest some Eazy-E and Tupac…..

and you?

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Definitely some Mos Def, The Streets and some Dizzee Rascal just for kicks.

Also, everyone should listen to Movits. Swedish Jazz/Hip-Hop.

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Roots Manuva

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I’m never good with music questions, I listen to almost everything.. and I know very little about any of the music that I like. But, I’m going to suggest Atmosphere. Aesop Rock. Also, I’m with @dverhey on Mos Def & The Streets.

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Tupac and Snoop…my friend engineers them.

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Hinterland by aim is a great album. As is Jurassic 5’s LP. De la Soul’s debut album Three Feet High and Rising is a classic. I really like the music of Gorillaz, although it’s not strictly hip hop but has elements. And not forgetting the ladies: Salt and Pepa’s album Blacks’ Magic is another favourite of mine.

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Guru and Gangstarr.

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Lil Wayne, Tum Tum, Nicki Minaj, Wale, Redman, Method Man & UGK.

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Anything with Nujabes is always good to me
Here is my favorite song

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@Michael_Huntington Oooh Snap! You know about Nujabes!!!

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Yeah I discovered his music after he died. It’s a shame really, he’s really underrated

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Slick Rick, Cypress Hill,Rick Ross, Necro (it can be a bit much but I like some of it) don’t know if Fort Minor or Rage against the Machine count but I like them too.

Also the guys who scratch on the turntables here are sick, called X-Ecutioners they are also a separate group check them out solo too.

Oh and forgot about NaS 2 favorites are hip hop is dead and one mic from him.

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@Steve_A I love Cypress Hill. Nice.

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Oh and how could I forget.


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