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What if there were only one of each subatomic particle?

Asked by Fenris (1174points) May 19th, 2010

OK, so I’m stoned right now, but here’s what I’m thinking – I hear of quantum entanglement and it sounds less to me like 2 particles sharing some weird bond and more like the same particle existing in 2 different places at once. So, what if there’s only one fundamental particle, expressed differently and existing simultaneously at every possible point in the universe, interacting with itself googleplexes of times over?

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Fuck you. It’s mine.

Hahaha! Just kidding. Sometimes I think that we are all expressions of a universal consciousness. But it’s hard to hold onto that notion sitting in front of the TV watching people do horrible shit to each other.

I don’t know man, I guess that’s the whole yin/yang thing. We’ll have to pass one sometime.

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Sounds like a religion to me.

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If that were the case, it would not be called a particle. We define particles as different entities when they are separated by space and/or time. It is possible that all particles are different iterations of the same type of particle (somewhat like String Theory), but they cannot be the exact same particle since each iteration would have a different locus.

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Sounds like LSD to me.

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Sounds awesome to me.
I wonder what the quantum physicists themselves have to say about it, though.

Are you arguing definitions, now? Does it matter whether or not it would be called a particle?

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@Fyrius I think it does matter, because the only way I can conceive of this is a field theory where the universe is filled with a four-dimensional probability wave, and each peak is manifested as a particle. A field is a different concept to a particle, or at least a different way of thinking about the same thing.

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I like firemadeflesh’s theory. I heard something about it once, thinking about the universe like that is supposed to solve a lot of quantum conundrums and uncertainty in the same stroke.

Sorry for late reply, someone ran a truck into phone line down the street.

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