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How do you refresh fluther?

Asked by Ltryptophan (12088points) May 19th, 2010

When it comes time to see if anything has changed, what do you do to refresh the fluther page? What do you click, per se?

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I just click on the logo, where it says “tap the collective” underneath, on the upper left corner of the main frame. That does it. That refreshes everything. You still have to go to the various sections to find specific new things.

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I do what @lillycoyote does, but with the addition of the social tab, I’ve found myself clicking on whatever tab I’d like to go to or refresh. For some reason, Fluther is the only site I do this for. With everything else, I just hit F5.

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I have three links (to the social, meta, and general sections) on the bookmarks toolbar for Firefox. It’s nice, because I don’t have to scroll back up to the top each time to refresh.

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The home key is your friend.

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Back when I had a PC, I used to just press “F5” to refresh. But on a Mac, it takes two buttons to do that, so I was like “fuck that”. Now I just either press the “refresh” button in Firefox or click on the logo. I probably do both about an equal amount of the time.

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Press ctrl+w and it will refresh every page you have, even if it is another tab or minimized. It works great to refresh all your IE tabs at once.

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Warm bath. A little lemon water and it usually perks right up.

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Sometimes I click on the Fluther logo at the top, but usually I’m too lazy to move the mouse up there and just press F5.

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@XOIIO Ctrl+W closes the current tab.

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I click on whichever category I want to look at. Occasionally I’ll use the home tab. I’ve never clicked on the Fluther logo at the top.

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@XOIIO Have you tried Alt+F4? That’s also a good way of quickly refreshing a page since it uses less memory from your cache to display a web page.

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Ah another good one, less obvious than ctrl+w

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I hear tons of questions about sex and the NSFW tag livens fluther right up.

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I always click on “My account” when I want to refresh and update.

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@dverhey LOL. I have no idea how to refresh the ideas and newness of the questions on fluther, the interest, You seen to have that covered. I only know how to refresh/reload the page. :)

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Most sites have a logo in the upper left corner that links to the home page. If that’s what you want then click there. To refresh the current page you can click the refresh icon, which in Firefox is a blue circle thingy of two arrows next to the address window, or press Ctrl-R, or click the address window and press Enter.

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I just trolled myself with ctr+w because I forgot what it did. :/

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