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Would this get you to learn morse code?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10285points) May 19th, 2010

If cellphones had a small microphone and speaker that let you send, and receive morse code messages without looking at the phone or removing it from your pocket, would you then quickly learn morse code to be able to use that feature.

How many lives would this save since people would have their eyes on the road instead of on their phones!

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Honestly, I so want to lean Morse Code! My dad was a radioman in the Navy in WWII and a ham radio operator after that. You’re brain just has to be wired a certain way to get Morse Code and mine isn’t. Interesting story though, at least I think so… anyway I heard an interview with Johnny Cash’s son-in-law on the radio, after Johnny died and he said Johnny Cash was a radioman in the Army in Korea and when he got back he just couldn’t get that rhythm out of his head, the beat of the Morse Code, and that beat, that rhythm informed, was a part, of a lot of the songs he went on to write.

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i’m trying to hear the ring of fire to dots and dashes…

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@Ltryptophan See, I can’t even spell and get my usage correct when I am using regular English, how could I even hope to learn Morse Code?

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From what I hear, its not the looking away but the distraction of doing something else that causes the most problems. If thats true, morse code might make things worse since its less natural for us and thus requires more concentration.

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it’s way too fast with so many possibilities.

I played some band music when I was young, that had the woodwinds doin morse code.
Loved it…..1 short pattern though.

Might be george Washington Bridge….if my memory serves.

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I agree with @roundsquare about distraction to concentrate on things other than driving being the issue, not whatever the other things are. As for Morse Code, I’d like to learn it just because. I find patterns in a lot of things and would probably enjoy making code.

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