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I just can't seem to get enough Indian food. Do you have a favorite or preferred cuisine or meal?

Asked by lillycoyote (24815points) May 19th, 2010

Not much to add here in the details. What it is that you just can’t seem to get enough of? Or maybe what is is that you like but you get sick of it pretty fast? Whatever you’ve got.

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Yes. I’m Jewish so I prefer Chinese, of course. A distant second would be Italian, which I cook better than them, so I’ll eat Chinese when dining out.

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@zenele I never have really understood that one, particularly when Indian food provides a menu completely free of pork. Is it the cream sauces that pose a problem? :) And yes, everyone, even us Anglos, think we cook Italian better than the Italians, but the Jews may actually be right. :)

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I love salads. You can add whatever you wish to a salad and the options are endless.

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soul food…..mac and cheese….mash taters…...salad sounds delightful.

I also do a ton of fruit and hummus

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I really like Southern Italian. Japanese, too, except it’s pretty expensive, so I don’t eat it as often as I’d like.

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Nutella. I’ll eat an entire jar in a sitting. Its disgusting.

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@partyparty I’m with you. I am hooked on salads, I eat one every day if I can. Totally obsessed.

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@lillycoyote I’ll go out for Indian with you any time!

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@lilycoyote I’m Jewish and Indian is my very favorite; I would have no trouble eating it daily. We’re quasi-vegetarians and Indian is definitely the best for meatless cooking. It’s just a cultural joke about Jews liking Chinese food the most.

@marinelife Maybe we should do Indian instead of breakfast?

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we’ll talk.

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@TheOnlyNeffie Yes I eat salad most days. There are so many things you can put together to make a salad. Just going to make one for dinner now

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I love Italian food. I could eat it everyday if my husband and son would agree to it.

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Does chocolate and soda count as a food category?

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@RedPowerLady Sure, and a healthy one to boot!

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@janbb Woohoo! Healthy :)

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INDIAN. God, I frigging love it. There is also this one specific Moroccan restaurant that does 5 and 7 course meals that are phenomenal. Not to mention the tea is great too. I love Japanese too, I could live off of miso soup or udon and be happy. I just like food.

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Chinese, Chinese, Chinese. I would sink into a severe, possibly life-long depression if I were told I could no longer eat Chinese food. Japanese food is wonderful too.

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@lillycoyote Jan is right – it’s a cultural joke – but still factual. Go to any restaurant in NY’s Chinatown you’ll see an equal ratio of locals to Jews. Plus, not every Jew eats Kosher. Plus plus not every Chinese meal has pork. Plus plus plus everyone’s mamma cooks better Italian than them. I really really do, though. My kids told me.

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One of my parents’ friends is very strictly Kosher at home. Separate dishes, totally cleans out pantry of anything bread before Passover, etc. My folks went out to dinner with him one night and nearly fainted when they saw him ordering spare ribs. Apparently he has this one weakness…

Regarding Jewish people and Chinese food, all you have to do is go to any Chinese restaurant on Christmas day to see the love affair we have with it. :-)

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@Dr_Dredd Where else are Jews gonna eat on Christmas Day?

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@Dr_Dredd I McDonalds is what you want the it is McDonalds you shall have. I personally, rarely crave fast food and when I do it’s for a Whopper with cheese and medium fries from the drive through. “Will that be all?” Yes, I have beer at home thank you. :)

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@lillycoyote Nah, I actually hate McDonald’s. :-)

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I love Lebanese food. I’m allergic to chick peas, so every time I have hummus my mouth and tongue swell up and I get blisters inside my mouth—but I like it so much that I just gulp and bear it. I love baba ganouj too, although it’s hard to find unless you make it yourself. For those who have never tried baba ganouj, it’s like hummus, but replaces the chick peas with roasted eggplant for a smoky, savoury flavour. I’m a umami fiend, and most Lebanese food features umami as the primary, dominant flavour. Kafta, kibbe, falafel, it’s all delicious. I’d be perfectly content to eat nothing but Lebanese food for the rest of my life.

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Chicken tikka masala !!!

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@Kayak8 Want some now!

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Every time I go to an Indian restaurant, I have them make me a dish that’s usually off the menu: Lamb Aloo Saag. For whatever reason, I dig the lamb with potatoes and spinach. Add a couple of samosas and a mango lassi and I’m good.

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