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Best way to get rid of a hobo?

Asked by troubleinharlem (7978points) May 20th, 2010

There is a hobo living behind the school of the kid that I babysit sometimes… apparently he saw him back in the woods with a beer can and didn’t tell the teachers didn’t believe him the first time he said something.

What’s the best wy to get rid of a hobo?

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In NYC, call 311 and let them know what’s happening. They’ll tell you the appropriate social service agency to call so someone comes to help the person out.

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I agree with the others—call the police, but not on the emergency line. In most places, 311 is the non-emergency number for the police. Let them know what was seen, but remember—you might want to verify this information first. Of course, if you feel at all unsafe doing that, then don’t.

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I’m sorry but I love it that someone called a “hobo” still exists. I do realize that it is a problem that needs solving.

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Bum-B-Gon spray.

What damage is the poor bastard doing? Did he walk on the lawn without a hall pass? Is he poor without a permit? Jeeze.

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@dpworkin I agree with Dpworkin but I didn’t want to be the one that said it because people are so sensitive about kids and schools

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I’m sensitive about kids and pedophiles, not kids and homeless people. But there are two schools of thought. Some think people who need assistance should be aided, others simply believe that they should be exterminated. Just a small difference of opinion.

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Have to agree. If a homeless person or “hobo” is hanging out in the woods and not hurting anyone, what is the big problem?

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@janbb I don’t agree with the notion all the way, but I think people freak out because some see the homeless as dangerous or unpredictable, and kids as impressionable and innocent and vulnerable.

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@Blackberry Yes, I can understand that too. It’s complicated – just worth dealing with compassionately.

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How ‘bout we get him to a shelter?

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Then what would we we throw cans at?

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Hand him a $20 dollar bill and he’ll leave on his own, maybe to the liquor store maybe to the grocery store, maybe to McDonald’s. Seriously, if someone would just go tell him he needs to leave the immediate area I bet he would. He is a man.

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The term “hobo” orginated during the last years of the 19th century. A hobo was a migratory worker; someone who wanted to earn a living, but who had to wander to find jobs. He might have been penniless, but he tried to work and would travel long distances in search of opportunities.

A hobo also wasn’t a homeless man. The etymology of the word is believed to be “homeward bound,” meaning that the man had left home to earn money, but that he’d someday return.

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Get him a job? I’m sure hes not ‘lurking’ around because he likes it.

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Every step he takes he’s making new friends,so until tomorrow just leave him be.

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Ask him nicely, & explain your concerns. Offer him some money, & directions to a shelter. He’s homeless, not heartless.

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Yeah, like others have said, he’s not a problem, just another person that’s less fortunate. Give him something, and you’ll teach the kid you babysit a very important lesson, and maybe even make a new friend.

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