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how did you spend your last birthday?

Asked by jiboo420_ (122points) March 14th, 2008 from iPhone
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Waiting in line for the iPhone and sunburning my kneecaps.

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Mine sucked. A couple of friends and I were going to take the night and go eat at a nice resturant and just hang out. One of my friends wasnt really into the idea and wanted to go to a concert. I told him that it didn’t matter to me. So then my best friend who had a crush on the guy, told me that I ruined everything. As you could guess, I was pretty pissed being as it was my birthday and all. So I sat at home and drank whisky ‘till I passed out.

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I went to the mall with my wife, she bought me some white shoes, and then I thrashed them at the Two Rivers skatepark in Nashville. Then I think she took me out to for some brews and some eats, or maybe we ate sushi and drank warm saki. Great time, this was before she was pregnant.

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I spent it with my mother. We went out to eat and she surprised me with some old childhood friends. Then we got a room at a casino and gambled the night away. But not before I watched the Hawaii bowl and watched my school, ECU, beat Boise!!! It was nice.

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I had a big birthday and a nice evening scheduled. The area was hit with a huge blizzard so we cancelled…people coming from out-of-town. When the rescheduled day arrived, the weather was even worse. I sat at home both evenings, did some snow shoveling, read by candle light, talked on my only corded phone and went to bed early due to no heat.

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So now I am celebrating a lot of unbirthdays during the nice months.

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My girlfriend was working so I watched movies at home.

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Small get together, 15 shots of patron silver in 3 hours ( made a deal to drink a shot with each person that came through my front door) and then made it a wii party good times :)

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Flat on my back with my legs in the air…no wait, that wasn’t my birthday. I don’t remember. I think I was working.

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