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Is it ok to give my bridesmaids the same thank you gift?

Asked by yahnyinlondon (25points) May 20th, 2010

We are having two wedding celebrations as our families live in two different parts of Australia, and my husband to be and I have lived in London for more than five years. I’ve got two bridesmaids in each location and I was wondering if it’s ok to give them the same thank you gift? Or whether I should make it more personal to them?

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If the gift is something essentially non-personal, then you’re OK giving them all the same thing. If it’s something personal for any one of them, it should be personal for all =)

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My sister gave all of us the same thing—a necklace to wear during the ceremony and an obscure Victorian accessory. I don’t think it is a problem at all. Like @grumpyfish said, stick to something that will be nice for everyone and you’ll be fine.

Normally, I would say you could get away with giving a maid of honor something more personalized while giving the others the same thing, but with only two in each location you’re probably better off going totally personal or totally the same.

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Definitely ok, jewelry always a plus. If you have a maid of honor, you might want to make her slightly different somehow, if possible. If you opt for some sort of jewelry, that has a stone, you could get them each the same bracelet or whatever, but chose the stone in their favorite color.

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I think it is quite common to give the same thing, a nice piece of jewelry, perhaps?

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I’ve been in two weddings. In both weddings, all the bridesmaids (including the Maid of Honor) were given the same thing. In the first one, we were given champagne glasses engraved with our name, our “position” (bridesmaid, Maid of Honor, Junior bridesmaid, or flower girl). In the second one, we were given our jewelry for the ceremony.

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I think that bridesmaids usually (always?) get the same gift.

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I gave my bridesmaids the shoes for the ceremony. All the same is totally acceptable.

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I’m giving mg bridesmaids almost the exact same things. It’s perfectly acceptable.

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As with @EmpressPixie the wedding I was a btridesmaide in we all got necklaces to wear that day. It’s perfectly fine to get them the same thing. Don’t stress out about finding the perfect “something” for each. You should be de-stressing with everything else you have to worry about for your wedding!

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It’s pretty standar practice around here in my experience. One bride I know gave all the bridesmaids pashmina shawls which they were very happy to have at the unexpectedly stormy wedding!

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Ofcourse! It might be a nice idea to give the Maid Of Honor a little something special though…After all she’ll be doing something pretty special for you! :) Congratulations on getting married. Wish you many years of happiness!!!

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I think it best to give all of them the same thing.

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I gave all of mine crystal vases. 30 years later, they all still have them.

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It is traditional to give all of the bridesmaids the same gift.

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