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Whats your favourite film opening?

Asked by simplelined (18points) May 20th, 2010

And could you describe it?

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I have never gone to a film opening.

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haha ohhh I mean,
a film opening scene. as in an opening of a film you’ve seen

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August Moon, when the young boy is standing in a field of grain, listening to music in his mind, and swirling the grain with his outstretched arms. Moving and visually stunning.

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The Dark Knight had an intense opening scene, don’t know if it’s my favorite. Have to think about it more…

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@eden2eve Do you mean August Rush?

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I like this one, a lot. It’s a favorite movie of mine. And not because of the sex.

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Yeah, sorry!
“Here”: is a little piece of the the scene on the trailer in You Tube.

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I really like the sound of that one. The opening of Leon is really effective I think. The exaggerated sound of him taking a drag on his cigarette.

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eden2eve, do you know what happens after that scene? (I’m not allowing myself to look at the films, just visualizing them from the descriptions)

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Yes! the boy is accosted by a bully next to the field. He is mocked for being different from the other boys.
If you want to see the complete opening scene you can do it here:

This is the first part of the complete movie on line, so you can just stop, but that first scene is awesome. Music is amazing too.

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Resevoir Dogs, nuff said.

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ucme, could you describe the opening scene?

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The opening for Halloween II is totally classic if only to hear Sam Loomis go ’‘you don’t know what death is!’’

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I liked the opening of Forrest Gump, especially given the subtle use of very advanced CGI it took to make it.

The other opening I truly liked seems to have been inspired by it: the opening of “Le fabuleux destine d’Amelie Poutain”, in which a fly is followed around and then squashed by traffic.

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The Opening of ‘Postal’

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I like most of the Bond film opening scenes.

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Ringo and Honey Bunny having breakfast in Pulp Fiction.

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les parapluies de cherbourg. its gorgeous. the entire film is incredible, but the opening is very nice.

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Also: the opening montage of the life of the couple, before she died, in Up.

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The feather in Forrest Gump.

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@simplelined The guys are in a diner discussing the merits of tipping waitresses, or not as the case may be.Basically just talking shit for five or so minutes.Cool as fuck though.

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The opening from The Austin Powers movies. Yeah baby yeah!

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Machete has a great opening. Really put the hooks in!

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The opening scenes of “Manhattan” by Woody Allen.

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Another, of course, is the opening of Raiders of the Lost Ark. The boulder coming down is one of cinemas great moments. I’m surpised no one has mentioned it yet.

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