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What's the best way to do a firewire to USB connection?

Asked by Rarebear (25162points) May 20th, 2010

I have a peripheral that has a firewire connection, and I want to connect it to my laptop which only has USB connections. How can I pair them up? I googled around and found firewire to usb connectors, but I’m wondering what the collective has to say?

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I use a hub I got from Target, it works fantastically if I may say so myself :D

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@Cooldil17 Thanks. So you can plug your firewire camera (or whatever you have) with a firewire cable and it converts to usb? Can you send me a link to the brand?

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@njnyjobs Thanks, I saw that. What I’m wondering was if there’s anybody here on Fluther who has actually done it and had it work. I have a PCMIA slot and I bought an adaptor and tried that, but it wouldn’t recognize the camera. So before I started buying random cables I wanted to see if there were any successes.

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Do you have the driver for the camera installed? Was the PC Card installed properly?

It would help if you mention make and model of laptop, Firewire PC Card and Digital Camera.

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It’s an HP Compaq 2510p. The firewire card was whatever they had at Best Buy. The camera is a digital webcam.

Thanks for the help. I’ve decided to return the camera.

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