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How to relieve stress?

Asked by jeneatha (108points) May 20th, 2010

i have so much going on. many friends have died in the last couple of weeks, family trouble, friend trouble, and school. i need some good ways to relief my stress.

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Everyone has to deal with stress in their own way, but it never hurts just to stop and breath for a little while and remind yourself that everything is transient, the good and the bad, the love and the hurt. It hurts now, but this will pass. Take this under consideration, and peace in it.

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Sex, massage – or both in the same session ;)

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Many friends have died in the last couple of weeks? Was there a car accident? That sounds shocking. And family, friend and school troubles? If you are serious, we need more details.

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There is a difference between stress and grief. The way you deal with them is very different.

The only thing I can recommend to deal with both of them is: be good to yourself. Eat well, sleep well, exercise.

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Drinking Smoking Shouting

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working on your breathing; go for walks, eat right, and try to workout at least three times a week make your workout short, so that you can do it over and over again without having the feeling i can’t do it again. Yeah also try this look at yourself in the mirror and smile for 2 minutes and complement yourself as you do that. do that everyday two times; and see what happens.

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Journaling is a good way to get out grief, frustration, anger, and stress. So is exercise, especially something repetitive, like weights. Cleaning is also very theraputic. Purge your room, clean out your closet, get rid of things that are just hanging around, clothes you never wear, CDs you never listen to. Organize all your photos.

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Got to an air rifle range and put some holes in paper. Most ranges will be happy to train you and rent you a gun if you don’t have one. In fact the better ranges will require you to take a safety class before you are allowed on the firing line.

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Emotional firewall.

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Have sex, listen to music, read a book or watch a movie. Anything you can think of to help wind down and take your mind off things. Aromatherapy works well too – have a bath and burn some calming oils.

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Yoga works for me. Good Luck, I’m sorry.

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Unconditional Love.

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