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Would a snake slithering across the road make you stop your automobile to check it out?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) May 20th, 2010

When my son was 16, he and his next door neighbor buddies devised a long fake snake, attached to a fishing rod and reel. the fake snake appeared realistic. they would hide on one side of the road and reel-in the snake in front of an approaching automobile. i had no knowledge of this, until recently. my son is now 42. he said one man stopped his pickup truck and brought out an ax to kill the snake. they ran for their lives. what would have been your reaction to a snake crossing the road in front of your automobile?

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I would try to run it over! I hate snakes

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I would get out to see it. Or at least observe it while waiting for it to finish crossing the road. I like snakes.

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I wouldn’t pull over, even if I was on a country road where there wasn’t any traffic. I just have too much shit to do to be pulling over for reptiles.

Now, I’ve pulled over when animals like kittens or dogs are in the middle of the road, mostly to shoo a stray away from danger or to pick up a lost pet to find it’s owner for.

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My father ran a snake over once, just to find out that it had somehow gotten caught in the wheel. It took the ride home with him. I wouldn’t suggest running over snakes ;P

And I wouldn’t get out of the car. I have a no getting out of the car rule, even for strays (especially hitch-hikers).

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I’d never kill an animal, so I’d wait for it to finish crossing.
I have a snake, so I’m not so sure that I’d get out to check it out unless it was on one of our back roads and I knew I’d be able to catch it.
Even if I did catch it, I’d just want to make sure it was healthy, then let it go back home.

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If it is a populated area, I will get out to check it. If it is poisonous it gets removed from the area, if not I let it go. When out in a rural setting it would depend on if I knew the adjoining land owners and what instructions I have from them regarding snakes.

If snakes are in season, it will likely end up on my breakfast plate.

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I would run over it, and then throw the car in reverse and run over again. I think I would do that two to three times, or until I was satisfied that the snake was dead.

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I’d avoid running it over if possible but I wouldn’t pull over to get out and see it up close. I’ve seen and owned snakes, not that big a deal.

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Snakes freak me out. I would not intentionally kill it. I would definitely not get out of the care to look at it. I certainly would hope that I would not swerve to miss it though if I couldn’t avoid running it over (working on my reaction skills when driving).

On the other hand if I knew there were boys hiding out I’d get out of the car and do something weird to freak them out and give them something to talk about. Not sure what, I’d come up with it on the spot, haha.

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just like the song,,,I dont like spiders and snakes.
heck no.

deers, yes…I brake for bunnies.

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I’d stop to avoid running over it, but I’d only get out of the car if it was some kind of highly unusual snake. Then I’d want to get a better look. I’d probably take some pictures. If my kids were with me, they would catch it and beg to be allowed to take it home.

We’ve pulled over to get a better look at deer, fox, hawks, vultures, and turtles. Once I pulled over to remove an extremely large snapping turtle from the middle of the road. He wasn’t very happy about my intervention.

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Id have stopped to take a look….. I think snakes are kinda cute & certainly wouldnt want to hurt one.

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I would probably stop and take some pictures.
I do that when I go on my walks.My dog finds them for me:)

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I would’ve (and have) stopped snapped a couple pictures, and if it wasn’t poisonous transplant it off the road, preferably to a nice warm rock. I’d move poisonous snakes along too, but only if I could find a good long branch.

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Yes, I would stop the automobile, not to check it out…...not a chance, BUT I would stop due to having had a cardiac arrest!!!!!!!!!!! You see, I would have to stop!

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I would stop if I could and (assuming it remained where it was) I would start poking it with a stick to try to get some sort of reaction from it.

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