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Why does my boyfriend seem less keen to be with me?

Asked by Caitlyn9239 (73points) May 21st, 2010

When me and my boyfriend first started dating he gave me so much attention and was so sweet and loving. After seven months of dating it seems like he is getting distant, talking to me less when were not together and not being as excited when he gets to see me. Is this a normal thing to happen after seven months or is he just losing interest in me? please help!

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He is the one who would know the answer to that. Maybe you could bring it up? “Hey, I noticed you haven’t been talking to me as much. What’s up?”

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In every couple, the first six months are full of giddiness and butterflies, where the thing you want most in the world is to be with the other person at all times. However, most of us can’t live like that – we’d suffocate. It’s normal to take a step back. As long as this is the only change, I wouldn’t worry about it. You still get together and do things, right? As long as you still enjoy each other’s company, it’ll be okay. Just make sure that you too are taking time away from him to enjoy yourself – be with your friends. It’s not healthy to be solely focused on one person.

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This happens in like 99% of all relationships…....Have you ever seen people that have been together for 5 years? They are like an elderly married couple.

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He is becoming more comfortable with you. He knows you will always be there, so he doesn’t have to ‘chase’ you now.
Try to be unavailable sometimes. Let him do some running after you. Keep him guessing.

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Talk. To. Him.

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unfortunately, he is taking you for granted. Maybe, you should give him some of his “own medicine!” It works two ways…

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Have you recently brought up any of the following topics…hope chests, places to honeymoon, baby names, sizes of diamonds?? If so he is in shock and may need a few more months maybe even years to come out of it! A good slap with a wet cold towel may snap him out of it too!

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@BoBo1946 Yes a relationship has to be ‘two way traffic’ for it to work doesn’t it?

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@partyparty for sure….i certainly know about those “one way or the highway” relationship’s! not fun at all!

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Do some things to shake things up. Wear clothes you would not normally wear. Change your hair color. Suggest going places you don’t normally go. Stop getting in touch with him. Make him chase you.

If those things don’t work, consider breaking up with him.

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The honeymoon’s over

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It may be partly that he is comfortable and secure in the relationship. If it’s bothering you, talk to him rather than us.

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While I agree with most people’s answers (“Talk to him”), I also can tell you this is pretty normal. As long as he is still talking to you, taking you out, and being sweet to you, it’s nothing to worry about. I completely know how you feel – I admit I am a very over-clingy, co-dependent person, which is something I try to work on all the time… but even in my current relationship with a dedicated and faithful woman who got with me while I was late into pregnancy and has cared for my child and loved her wholeheartedly without a single question, I still sometimes get a little sad remembering how we were when we first got together. Granted, with us it’s a HUGE difference, because a baby is involved and everything revolves around the baby’s welfare and we are very, very stressed… but I know how you feel. Just talk to him, make sure everything is alright, and try to look forward instead of back. It may not be puppy love anymore, but that can be a very good thing… it’s more serious now.

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