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If I want to post a question about an animal, what category do I go to?

Asked by Theby (998points) May 21st, 2010

I want to post a question about pets. Where do I go?

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Zoos or Farms or Domestic. Seems kinda obvious.

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@Theby: Don’t pay attention to @dpworkin. He’s either in the middle of exams or in his grinch mode.

Ask the question under “general.” We love pet questions. And we have our resident expert, @syz.

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@Theby really it depends on the type of responses you are seeking.

If you wish to have a solid response and dialogue only about the subject you have posted then General is the way to go. Questions such as “My cat is acting lethargic- could he be sick?” you would most likely want to have only helpful responses on.

If it is a casual question such as “Why do you love your cat?” you will want social because you will get responses that are not edited if they wander off topic or are humorous without being helpful.

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@Dog yes your completly right. Although I’m new here I beleive its they way you ask your question and what meaning your question has to it. For example if your question asks “Why is my horse always pawing at the ground, is he sick?” that question would belong in the General section because you would most likely get more helpful responses to your question.

If your question is more basic such as “What type of horse do you have?” your question would belong in the Social section because the responses as Dog said before may wonder off topic and get quite humorous.

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