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What is the most romantic/touching thing that anyone has ever done for you?

Asked by Jude (32098points) May 21st, 2010

Collective barf, right?:

My girl wrote the most beautiful sonnet for my birthday..

The Sonnet of You and Me

Lifetimes of search could not alone discover
But, God and Angels led me there to see
Through dirty glass our eyes smiled at each other
A fool could not deny what was to be.

Quietly her magic took me over
Nervously undressing muse my heart broke
Lines drawn where hands and lips ached to touch her
Passions of such depth she did evoke.

Alone I walked, overcome I wandered
Consulting sea and stars for guidance home
For her heart is the only place I’m harbored
My longing soul’s desire is she alone.

Forever hers, I cannot help but see
Great providence, she is my destiny.

(when we first met, we were at a martini bar. I can remember how nervous and excited we were. She was so nervous, that she spilled her drink all over me, lol. We were both enjoying our drinks and grinning/giggling nervously the whole time.

Before it was official; that we were a couple, she did a nude drawing of me. I knew then that something was definitely there for us…

When we struggled at the beginning of our relationship, we both had places to go to sort out our thoughts. I went to a small lake and chilled out under a moonlit sky and with my blue heron in tow (that’s where she hung out, as well); my g/f went for beach walks at night.)

This sonnet was written in paper and stuck in with my birthday card.

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We had a beautiful daughter together.

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He left his whole life behind and came here to start one with me.

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@jjmah A beautiful poem,

A wonderful lady realized that I was utterly clueless about social skills. She spent the rest of her life patiently teaching me, in middle age, what most people learn by osmosis in childhood or adolescence. This beautiful person showed me how to live rather than merely exist; taught me what it means to love, both emotionally and physically. We were married on November 10,1999, me at 43, she was 22.

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It was flowers. I only got them once. A girl I was dating sent them to my office. It was embarrassing but I was touched.

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Never had a bf, but I would say my mother, family and my step-dad, their love is all I need right now not sex or boys:) So Thank you Mom

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Simply loved me, that’s all and that is enough.

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My wife swept me off of my feet while she was wooing me. And oh, was I wooed. It’s hard to pinpoint just one.

Last year my wife and her mother went on a 7 day vacation and I stayed behind. Well, each day she was gone she arranged to have some little gift and/or card to give me, or for me to find. I got flowers and movies, candy and books. She said she didn’t want me to miss her.

I really do not deserve her.

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I love it.

yes, you do.

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Well it wasn’t anything “done,” but it was said.

My ex was in love with me, but was also pretty enamored by my 3 best friends. He was friends with all of them and wasn’t shy about mentioning to me how attractive they were. His growing friendships with them and his acknowledgement of their beauty made me a little uneasy. Clearly, in my eyes, the biggest threats are my best friends, because I know how amazing they are (that’s why they’re ma girls). I was worried he might fall for one of them, and it didn’t help that I was pretty insecure at the time.

One time when him and I were talking, I voiced my concern. I said something like, “you like them and you’re attracted to them, what’s stopping you from falling in love with them?” and he said, “They’re not you.”
One of the sweetest things he ever said :)

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I was studying in a foreign country and I told my boyfriend who lived at a distance that I was homesick and down one night. He borrowed a friend’s motorcycle and drove 80 miles in the pouring rain to show up at my dorm room and scare the shit out of a virginal Freshman who roomed nearby. I subsequently decided he was a keeper.

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My life partner moved from New York to Louisiana to spend her life with me. She dropped everything on the touch of a dime, only because she had come down here to visit her friend (who happened to be my cousin) and fell in love with me. It was hard for her to leave her family and friends all behind to come to a place she had only visited for a few days, but she did it all for me, and for that I am eternally grateful.

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For my first Valentines Day with my boyfriend, his gift to me was a case of Cocaine Energy Drinks. Well… The cans are red so he took them out of the packaging and arranged them into a heart shape on the floor so it was the first thing I saw when I walked in his room. It may sound cheesey, but it was really cute.

Just recently, we went out with a couple of my friends and our daughter to buy her new board books at B&N she’s only 18 months and while walking around, I found this one book that I’ve been wanting to buy, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, but they only had it in paperback…. I have horrible luck with paperback books. Pages always fall out of them. So I told him I was going to search for it on Amizon when I got home… And of course I forgot. Well I guess it was a good thing that I forgot! He slept over that night and the next morning the UPS man rang the doorbell with a package addressed to me with the Amizon smiley on it. I thought to myself, “I don’t remember ordering anything, though.” Then I asked my boyfriend, “Did I get really drunk last night?”... Thinking I might have ordered something while intoxicated and forgot about it. Then I opened the box and immediately knew it was from him. Ahhh, it was a nice surprise. I love books. =] I love him.

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@andreaxjean Aww… he sounds like a keeper!

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@Dr Dredd LOL he definitely is. And I totally spelled Amazon wrong because I’m a doofiss. =P

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I didn’t even notice. :-)

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Gadzooks, right when I started erupting she hopped off put het lips over all of it and swallowed me down. :) :)

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