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How do I stop Firefox from playing sounds?

Asked by CMaz (26248points) May 21st, 2010

Starting today. My FireFox plays the PacMan song when I fire it off.
It won’t stop unless I close the browser.

Nothing on the web I can find about this issue.

Any suggetions.

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Google’s doodle for the next 48 hours is going to be Pac-Man. You could change your homepage for the next 2 days to this.

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I don’t use google for a home page.

Did not work. :-(

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Turn off the “Cool Previews” add-on.

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I think I found it. My home page, having google in it in some form or another is causing the problem.
Even the link @buckyboy28 gave here, did not stop the insanity.

I changed my homepage to something obscure. Like YouTube.

All gone.

Has Google lost their mind?

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@ChazMaz I’ve seen a lot of animosity against Google for putting this up (because of the sound) as their logo from people on the internet. I think it’s incredibly brilliant, and a great tribute to a pop culture icon, but perhaps a mute button would have been appropriate.

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I don’t have Firefox but you can always turn your speakers off..

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If the sounds come from Flash embeds, you can use FlashBlock (a plugin, google it)

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Have you tried checking your prefs in Firefox? You can always just turn off sound for your comp. Is there an icon to turn the sound off for the web app? There’s usually a little speaker or something you can select to turn sound off. Or prefs for the web app…

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Yea, it was GOOGLE. They were playing sound on their home page that day. It was infiltrating everything.

Thanks to everyone for giving me some insight.

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