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Do permanent air filters work?

Asked by silverfly (4045points) May 21st, 2010

I recently had the ducts in my house cleaned and the guys who cleaned them offered me permanent air filters. They’re very expensive, but apparently you can just rinse them with water and reuse them for years.

Is it worth investing in this kind of air filter or should I just stick with the stuff at home depot?

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I have them, but they came with the house. I wash them once a month with the power washer. I’ve had my house for 7 years and they are still in great shape. I think they were put in around 1999. I’m not sure how much filters cost, but I’ve never spent a penny on one in seven years.

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Thanks. Filters generally cost 10–20 bucks (per filter) so if these permanent ones work, it seems worthwhile to pay 60 to 80 bucks for one that will last much longer.

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I have “permanent ” electrostatic air filters since 1987. They are great! I have had to replace some of the thin wire elements a few times because some animal ate through them. You are supposed to clean them every month or so but I put a HEPA filter in series with it so I only clean them every spring and fall.

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I only buy filters from WalMart and Home Depot. i do not trust anything labeled as “permanent”. would you install a permanent oil filter in your car? no, its just not as dependable as a clean filter each oil change. same applies to an AC filter. once its dirty, throw it away.

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