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What are some good ways to improve one's self esteem?

Asked by mary84 (570points) May 21st, 2010

My self esteem is OK but I’ve always felt very insecure about myself, especially in the company of others and especially amongst new people. It’s got better as I got older, but I still feel very insecure often and tend to think negatively about myself.
This seems to affect my friendships and relationships, as I believe I’m not worthy someone else’s liking. My life is great otherwise and I do have many friends and a great family. This just seems to be something that is happening inside my mind.
So can you give me some encouraging advice on how to boost my confidence?

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Meeting new people can sometimes be difficult, but they may be thinking the same way you are thinking. Just because someone outwardly seems confident, doesn’t mean their stomach isn’t churning inside.
Start thinking positively, start loving yourself. Just walk up to a stranger and say ‘hello’. You may be surprised at how easy it becomes over time. Good luck

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You need to get control of your negative self-talk. I recommend the book Self Parenting.

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Find people to be around that will tell you all the time that you’re beautiful and amazing. That’s what I did.

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one small step is to take extra effort with your appearance. I said I was going to start wearing jeans to work instead of sweats, and it worked for a few days, until “magically” my jeans were a bit tighter than they were the week before. ahem. So I’m back to the sweats for a little while until I can make my jeans fit comfortably again. BUT.. the days I did dress nicer, I felt better.

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It’ll happen. Lots of young people are filled with self doubt. I was. Put yourself in social situations even if your uncomfortable with them. You’ll come around.

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Do things that give you a sense of accomplishment. Find a fulfilling career that you enjoy doing and talking about. Take up interesting, challenging hobbies.

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Recognition of small accomplishments go a long way. Reward yourself for every small thing you do and you’ll start to notice a positive shift in the way you think about yourself. You may even start to love yourself. But don’t get carried away. :)

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This little girl has it all figured out. You can pick up some tips from her. link

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Help out at a food pantry.

Be a tutor for ESL classes or children.

Join the local Big Sisters/Big Brothers program and mentor a child

Become a CASA advocate.

The possibilities are endless and you’ll be working alongside positive encouraging people. Not a bad atmosphere to be in. You’ll feel good about yourself.

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