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You got game?

Asked by mcbealer (10182points) May 21st, 2010

In celebration of Pac-Man’s 30th Anniversary, Google has posted an interface that allows you to chomp away. Bring it!

And if after all these years you’ve still got it, post your score below.

Let’s keep this fun, people.

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Woot! On my way, Pac Man Fever Baby!!!

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I’m using a laptop at the moment and I’m mouseless.. I suck big, hairy donkey cajones.

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Love Pac Man!
2350, but I’m hooked. I’ll be playing all day. Thanks Mcbealer!

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3280 for the first try. I almost forgot how it worked.

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@jjmah You don’t need a mouse for Pac-Man.

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awww, I hit somewhere around 11 or 12k and suddenly it reset to 2 player, how’d I do that? Still, great fun :)

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Tell me when they do Pong. Or Sapce Invaders.

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What type of score do you get if you can’t even make it past level 1?
^^ that’s me

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@RedPowerLady ~ that’s me also

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18,460 2nd try (first try was test run for controls etc)

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17,340 3rd try

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346 first try. Umm.

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I was only able to get to the strawberry on my first try. I didn’t even bother to look at my score.

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It’s been forever but, here goes….

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6470 on the first try. I love pacman!

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31,170 (I get bored at 1am)

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First try, 7610.

Here is the permanent link for the game in case you want to keep playing.

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