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Should the teabaggers do it Greek Style?

Asked by Civic_Cat (530points) May 21st, 2010

Here are the Wikipedia articles:
Tea Party Movement
May 2010 Greek Protests
Rand Paul
and here’s a RW article on the teabaggers.

The teabaggers seem to want to pay the debt, the Greeks want to repudiate it. The Greeks also seem to act against taxation more. Who’s more radical: the Greeks or the astroturfing teabaggers?

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One advantage of paying off another debt, is control over them.

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Kindly mark this question NSFW.

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MODERATORS PLEASE NOTE: I find this “question” offensive in the extreme. Please consider deletion.

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@CaptainHarley We don’t delete questions for political reasons. Yet. That’s why most people find your views offensive in the extreme: you wish to impose them on others.

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“Greek style” has a very specific sexual meaning, and I find it offensive that someone would resort to suggesting that the objects of their political hate perform it.

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Who cares why it offends you? Don’t read it then. What you want is for no one to be able to read it.

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What if I said that all Democrates ( misspelling deliberate, since Teaparty was deliberately altered to “Teabaggers.” ) should do it doggystyle?

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BTW… that’s a rather strange position for a Mod to take, assuming that I want to impose my views on others. I have no such desire or intentions. If someone takes issue with what I say, they are certainly welcome to say so. I actually fought to insure that they have that right.

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Teabaggers called themselves tesabaggers first. It’s on tape. Then Rachel Maddow told them what it meant. I guess they don’t watch John Waters movies.

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Neither do I! : )

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I’m gonna take the high road here and ignore all the immature innuendo that I am sure the OP is well aware of. As someone who lived in Athens, in the heart of the most violent of all the areas, I can definitely say: the Greeks are far more radical. Until the tea party members start burning down their cities and bombing public buildings, they’ve got nothing on the Greeks other than more interesting costumes.

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I was astonished when this “political movement” referred to themselves as teabaggers. Even funnier were the completely straight-faced reporters and commentators repeating the term, to all appearances unaware of the slang term.

Frankly, I find that this group’s premises are just as poorly thought out as their (original) name.

(And what a source of material for Jon!)

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Pity there aren’t dates to these answers. I have little respect for the Teabaggers. Many seem to be Republican-astroturfers, or controlled by such. Their “revolts” are as fake as the “tax revolt” ads on some TV commercials. Then there is Bob Basso likely grossly distorting the message of Tom Paine.

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