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What video game character needs to be arrested by the fashion police?

Asked by Berserker (33470points) May 21st, 2010

I’m not necessarily talking about character design, but rather just the type of clothing that some artists decide to give to characters. Sometimes it’s just so…absurd, and ugly.
For example, I give you Tidus from Final Fantasy X.
I mean seriously what the hell? Chicken yellow shirt, ugly bracer and seeing how much of a wuss this character is, it most certainly has no actual practical use, illogically placed zippers and one missing pant leg is supposed to look cool or something?
And overalls, are you serious or…at least he’s not wearing goggles.

So that’s my example. I’ve always thought that Tidus was one of the worse dressed characters in video game history, aside perhaps from Tingle or what those old Mega Man box arts were showing.
So, what about you? Which video game character has the most ugly and sucky clothes? And remember, these are personal opinions. Spare me (And everyone else.) your fanboy outrage please.

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Kratos in God of War. I mean the torn tunic topless look may go down well with some but not with this fashionista.Although the Blade of Artemis was cool as fuck.

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I guess he needs to show off his tatoo or something.

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I will mention it because noboy else will: Donkey Kong.

I mean, really? A leopard print thong? That’s what you wear on your first appearance?

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Nathan Drake of Uncharted… that stupid half-tuck of his shirt behind the belt buckle… jesus that bothers me. Who in game development said that was a good idea? Give the man a better outfit, like Solid Snake in Metal Gear series. That guy was dressed for ass-kickin’, not dressed to be a contestant on the bachelorette.

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Kefka from Final Fantasy 6.

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@filmfann, Hmm. Reminds me of the man my parents had baby-sit my brother & I. He had the nicest van. :)

Seriously, that character scares me. Never played FF games, now I know why… I don’t want nightmares.

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CJ’s gang homies from GTA:SA (all the Ballas too). Just about everyone in FF7 and FF8.

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Kefka owns. But yeah, his style is a tad traumatizing.

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