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What's the best homemade weed killer recipe?

Asked by pallen123 (1514points) May 21st, 2010

I’ve used bleach and it works okay on some weeds. Some weeds don’t mind bleach apparently. I’ve used vinegar mixed with salt. Same results. Anyone got an atomic weed killer recipe?

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Boiling water.

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There’s a tool at home depot that pulls up the weed. I think it’s like $15 bucks and it’s amazing. Looks like a long green claw.

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@elmagico , yeah, I’m with you. At first scan, I thought the question was “What’s the best homemade killer weed recipe?”

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Putting salt into the soil is a bad idea…

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I too, was thinkin of killer weed…... :)

i use commercial. weed be gone

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@stratman37 LMAO…homemade killer weed recipe. whew too funny. Anyway @pallen123 if you’re try to kill weeds between sidewalk cracks, gasoline is good. I know it’s not homemade but it is easily obtainable. still lmao about homemade killer weed recipe

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@AmWiser : Pouring gas onto soil or porous earth is really not smart. It will possibly leach into the water table. Boiling water works just fine and gives you a little aerobic work-out as well.

Mow the lawn; mulch the garden; leave the weeds in peace. Many of them are good for the planet.

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There is a product called “death in a can” it works great and will kill the ground for about 5 years. Great for ball diamonds, outdoor courts etc. It can be found at some feed stores, but it is hard to find because the store has to have a licence to sell it.

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@DrBill: it is hard to find because the store has to have a licence to sell it.

That sounds ominous.

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Anything that will kill the ground for 5 years is ominous. It is some nasty stuff.

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There are some “organic” spray products that you can use on the market, which are pet and ecologically-friendly. I used this product and it had reasonably good results:

EcoSmart 64 Oz. RTU 33122 Weed & Grass Killer
Model # 33122 Internet # 202102033

I too tried vinegar, bleach/water, etc. and they just came back. Finally used the above product and it worked.

The best solution, if you’re concerned about the environment, is to just pull them out manually by hand. If you’re not concerned too much, here is another product my neighbor loves:

Roundup 1 Gal. Ready-to-Use Weed & Grass Killer
Model # 5003210

I found those on the Home Depot website:

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And keep in mind that weeds will always come back…usually from the seeds that blow in from your less-tidy neighbors’ plants. Weeds mowed with a lawnmower look just like grass. Weeds in flower or veggie beds can be hoed or yanked out after a heavy rain.

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