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Why do i get more motivated when im down?

Asked by forgewolf (221points) May 21st, 2010

does this happen to anyone of you?

here is the problem, i noticed that i get more motivated to do creative things such as write and essay, make crafty stuff or take a hike when i’m really pissed of. my concern is that, isn’t it a bad habit to get motivated only when your down? can anyone suggest how can i make this a positive trait or how can i be motivated even if im not pissed off?

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This totally happens to me! I find I’m probably more inclined to do creative things and such when I’m pissed off because I have to so many feelings and I don’t normally share pissed off feelings as outwardly as I would happy exciting ones, therefore I need an outlet for them. So I see it as a positive trait, that at least I’m not keeping everything bottled up. You may not be doing anything that you think exactly reflects whatever you’re feeling but I believe that what’s behind it!

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even though I am happy at the end product of my craft, it seems wrong to be able to do that only when I’m down. It just doesn’t seem right. Sometimes it seems that, I am only able to do great things when I’m angry or down

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The fact that you can ONLY do great things when you’re down, is interesting. What happens when you are on top of the world? Could it be that you’re simply more focused when you’re angry? I’d do some mental exercises…get your “chores” done so that you can focus on creative things. Then, work on a project.

When you’re angry, you don’t care about the other things you should be doing. You are focused on one thing…being mad.

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@MissA I don’t know if that is it (being focused) when I’m mad. It just seems that I tend to do have this new ideas and create new creative things that I don’t usually have when I’m not mad. Its just weird. But I think its a good assumption though

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Do you consider pissed off and down as the same thing?

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I need to be under pressure or really mad.So most of the time I turn it in late.I’ve tried to do it without my ‘motivation’ but its really hard to.So I have someone yell at me.You can try to think the same way you do when your mad, just without getting mad.Just have the same thoughts.That might work.

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Is this a common thing? Honestly, I’ve never heard of it before.

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