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Someone's 15 year old brother is selling pot. What shall the older brother do?

Asked by rexpresso (920points) May 21st, 2010

Being of the non-judgemental type, the older brother is the only person the 15 year old trusts.

He tells of dreams of making 1000 dollars a month splitting it between him and his… partner…

The older brother doesn’t think it’s a good idea to let the young brother sell drugs.

Even consumption, which the older brother does now and then, he only started when he was not a minor anymore.

There is a certain imperative to stop this from going on further, if not for anything else, because it is easy money and a bad way of life to become used to.

But it’s important to maintain the trust from the brother.

For information, the 15 year old is repeating his 10th grade and is a very skilled grafitter… he’s kind of fond of the “marginal” adrenaline.

What courses of action could you recommend?

Thanks for everything.

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If the older brother didn’t want to break the younger brother’s trust, he could try reasoning with the younger one and explaining to him that he could go to jail for most of his young life if he is caught, and he can get on the bad side of some very dangerous people. One of my ex-girlfriends sold and bought drugs from a guy who got strung out on ice, and I ended up unintentionally accompanying her to his house with a gun while I was 7 months pregnant.

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Thats hard. My nephew, when he was in high school, told me about some of his “stuff”. I tried to warn him. He’s in jail for about 12 years, not watching his kids grow up.
Some things you learn from experience, the hard way…....

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The brother should tell his parents, or you should tell yours.

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He can try to reason with his brother, but if that doesn’t work, he needs to let his parents handle it. His brother will get mad about it, but it’s something that needs to get taken care of now instead of later.

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Would it be possible for you to inform authorities? That would release the brother from the delima. Something should be done to stop this dangerous path he is on, and at his age, not much beyond legal action will reach him.

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The older brother should tell the younger brother to stop what he is doing. If he doesn’t realise the dangers he is putting himself in, then the older brother should tell his parents.

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Don’t put that responsibility on a kids shoulders….you should turn him in. Drugs are illegal no matter how lucrative the opportunity.

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Take him on a tour of the local prison, let him get a gander at all the people doing hard time for non violent drug charges. $1000 a day ain’t worth your freedom. Why do you think they call it dope!

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i fucking loathe when people refer to marijuana as dope. DOPE IS HEROIN. HEROINNNN

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@uberbatman hahaha.. although that might be what ‘dope’ started out as, it’s become a general term for drugs. Just today my grandpa called a halfway house a ‘dope house’, speaking specifically about a friend of mine who was addicted to morphine

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@uberbatman I use marijuana pretty much everyday and until it’s legal, it’s dope. I can’t wait until it’s called medication. I want my medication card!!!! Vote to legalize it!!!

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@stemnyjones morphine, heroin, pretty much the same thing in my book.

@Silhouette that doesnt really make much sense why you would call it dope, especially being a smoker yourself. Why not just refer to it as marijuana?

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@uberbatman Because I like the word dope, and I’m particularly fond of the term dope fiend. Makes me laugh.

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@Silhouette do you fiend for weed like one does heroin?

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@uberbatman Don’t know, I never tried heroin, have you? I get it, you think we should call marijuana, marijuana so as to distance it from hard drugs. I call it pot, weed, dope, smoke, reefer,bud,herb,ganja, punany, all manner of things, but when it counts, I call it medical marijuana or cannabis.

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@Silhouette no, i havent. If it needs to be snorted or injected its not for me. But i suppose its for distance issues, but really it just irks me because as i said above, dope=heroin. Itd be like instead of calling it marijuana, calling it speed. Its just wrong by definition.

medical means nothing to me. There is medical morphine and medical cocaine too.

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@uberbatman Ah, I see. I’m a little free and easy with vocabulary. I like a word, I use it the way I want to, not the way I’m supposed to. Yeah, I’m a rebel. LOL

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Talking about rebelling, the older brother has been trying to talk to the brand new pot dealer but he’s not interested in giving it up… wants money to buy graffitti cans and new sneakers… older brother still not sure what to do. Kid says it’s just for a month to make money for holidays…. not sure if that will be the case ultimately or if the kid will get addicted to selling if you know what i mean..

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rexpresso ill tell you this…..i was just like Little brother, young and selling pot
at the age of 15 and i learned my lesson…..the hard way

listen to this….
WEED is definitely love-able object you smoke it, eat it, drink it but you never sell it!

just bear with me…yess it is easy money if u got your repetition but regardless its always risky and puting yourself in life Danger. not only u get caught by cops but if little brother bumps into a bad customer such as a gangster and the gangster decided to rob the kid’s money and pot Bam! thats a hell of a gamble.

if i was Big brother i would probably advise him not to sell it BUT to smoke it and share WITH ME .
share the brother love and dont be doing risky thing that can ruin your life. if anything! big brother should be making money and the care of the young glass hopper. he should stay focus on taking advantage of them high school girls and get that damn diploma. (its an easy task right?)

man i wish i have a brother or sister…..i am the only child:(

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@rexpresso I doubt this little brother will stick to only selling it for one month because next month he’ll want more money too. If he won’t listen to his older brother, than he older brother needs to let his parents know so they can take care of it.

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@Solidhowie thanks your message was very interesting and touching. Indeed, how can older bro help if he’s not making money himself? He must…

Still pondering how to work through this. Fluther + real life friends give a wide range of opinions… will keep coming here. Thanks everyone!

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