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Would You Want to Live Forever? Why or Why Not?

Asked by GrumpyGram (822points) May 21st, 2010

If you were offered a pill that would allow you to live forever IN GOOD HEALTH, would you take it? Or would you rather die of old age, probably in pain. Why or why not?

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For me, I would want to die because I would want to see my loved ones in heaven. That is my belief.

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If I could be like Duncan MacLeod I might have to consider it.

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I think I would get too tired of answering this question to want to live forever.

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Not in this tired old body…..Pain is whack.

But maybe in the next life.

If you have that pill, please send 1.

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If I wouldn’t get physically older and my favorite person could stay around with me.

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I’d take the pill and see if I could get some beautiful things right then decide along the way if I wanted to keep going.

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But @cornbird… Seeing your loved ones in heaven means that you would end up living forever whether you wanted to or not.

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I’d do it if I had to protect an island.

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I would want to live forever. To see my children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren grow up. BUT I wouldn’t take the pill unless they were suitable for my lovely dogs, so they could live forever with me also.

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@partyparty But dogs are never a forever thing unfortunately.

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@janbb But they could be if there was a similar pill available for them. If only (sigh)

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Agreed (sigh)

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God no, I wouldn’t take it. The endlessness of it would bore my ass to death.

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It’s easy to say no when I know for a fact that this opportunity won’t ever be presented to me, unless I join the military by ruse of some seemingly deep metaphor, but if it actually happened, I’d probably say yes…despite the countless stories I’ve read in vampire literature all saying that immortality sucks and is pretty much defined by sorrow and despair.
Of course it might be better if I could eat pizza pops and drink beer instead of having to consume the blood of young virgins.

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Definitely not. The minute you have an infinite amount of something, it loses all its value.

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Do I get a TARDIS? To be honest, forever on this earth would kind of suck. After a couple of million years you’d have to stop and say, “Well that was fun. Now what?”

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Yes, I want to see what happens, and life has (in broad strokes) steadily improved over the years.

Imagine you were a person from the 1500’s. Wouldn’t you want to be alive today?

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