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How to mentally prepare yourself for a fight?

Asked by cornbird (1747points) May 21st, 2010

Most of us have had violent situations, whether it was physical or verbal. Some of us have a hard time defending ourselves; not because we dont know how, but we were not mentally prepared for the fight…either because we were nervous or afraid of the opponent. Can you give me some advice on how to be mentally prepared and can you give me an experience where it has helped you?

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Go to the police station and remember where you just might end up? Then take yourself out for some chocolate to relax and forget about the fight.

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are you talking about gang street fights?

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Just remember whether it’s them or you, the pain of a few kicks or punches only hurts for a little while the pain, ridicule and self doubt of cowering or running from a confrontation can last a lifetime.

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If the end result of a problem is a fight… you handled it all wrong. BUT, you wanted advice, so here goes..

If it’s a verbal fight – bring a knife
If it’s a knife fight – bring a gun
If it’s a gun fight – bring a vest
Anything worse than that, just go at it like animals, who cares.

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A physical fight, I know that I’m trained to deal with it. A verbal confrontation, I usually walk away.

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One big deep breath a long sigh and wham! Sock it to em.

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Samurais used to do something relaxing and artsy before going to war, such as fashioning bouquets of flowers out of coloured paper. They’d sit there for about an hour making such crafts, and this cleared the mind before combat, and made them ready somehow. The same method was used after combat to relieve the emotional aftermath of war.
Depending on when this fight is to occur, maybe you could try something like that.

If it was me, I’d avoid it if I could though. Fighting is lame.

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@Symbeline GA, or a tea ceremony. Best to walk away unless you’re physically attacked though.

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make yourself believe that the person your facing is threatening your families life, and now its up to you to do something.

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