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If you owned a store, what would you sell?

Asked by jiboo420_ (122points) March 14th, 2008 from iPhone
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Art! Sculptures! I make absurd creatures and sell them through a lot of other stores.. so if i had my own store, i’d probably just sell my own stuff in once place.

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art and clothing… and if it became popular enough, i would convert into a two story complex with a cafe/ gallery on the bottom, and a boutique style art/clothing store on top.

ooh, maybe a graphic design/printing studio in the back.

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I would sell chicklets costco style near the border of Mexico.

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piece of mind that everything will be okay

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Head shop, preferably one in Europe so I could actually sell good stuff ^_^

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@├╝ber. You are obsessed with drugs like that one skater guy said. LOL jk.

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Yea i am but who the fuck cares. I dont let it run my life or anything like that its just an interest as there is just so much insight to be gained through them and they are poorly understood by society which is why i try to learn everything I can about them ^_^.
Really though I absolutely hate the idea of addiction it goes against everything i believe in so if anything ever starts to become a problem im done with it. Same reason ill never touch coke or heroin X_X

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How To Use Fluther Lessons and Fluther Points in Quantity 5, 10, 25, 50

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Visions of things to come.

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Apple computers :)

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I would sell shoes and purses and gum! My three favorite things.

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keep the gum away from the shoes!

that stuff is neigh impossible to remove!

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llingerie. But no big sizes.

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Topserb96: May I be the first to say that that is a jackass thing to write.

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Delirium: may I be the first to say u have a bland sense of humor?

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I take it delerium is fat. LOL.

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Hehe, I have to side with delerium. You automatically made yourself a perv by not offering all sizes – whenever your customers come you’ll have an awesomely easy time undressing them with your eyes – don’t want a fatty ruining the view do ya?LOL. Jackass, seconded.

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Jiboo, she’s not. Butt out.

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excuse me. My butt wasn’t in!

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Sorry. I didnt realize how sensitive this topic was. I understand, big girls need love too…. And lingerie I guess. And I’m not a perv, virgin.

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I’m female so being a virgin has virtue. Try again sucker.

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don’t feed the trolls

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I’m just messin with ya.

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id sell records. or any form of music.

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