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What Vonnegut book should I read next?

Asked by andrew (16358points) May 22nd, 2010

I read Slaughterhouse Five on the flight to Chicago as my long-overdue introduction to Vonnegut and I’ve fallen in love.

Should I move to The Sirens of Titan next?

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My choice would be, Welcome To The Monkey House.

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Got my authors mixed up.

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They are all pretty great. I would go for Breakfast of Champions next if I were you.

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Breakfast of Champions was my first Vonnegut book and I also fell immediately in love. Cat’s Cradle is also really good. Third in line would be Player Piano by my reckoning. Then again, with Vonnegut there are right choices and righter choices. Can’t really go wrong. Enjoy!

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Ca’ts Cradle . If nothing else it will teach you about Ice-nine. Anyone who read the book remembers it.

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You’ll love them all.

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My first Vonnegut was The Sirens of Titan. I’ll have to re-read that. I’d concur about Cat’s Cradle A summary. This is a pre-Slaughterhouse Five book, and you can see the development of the major themes his future work would take starting here.

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I’m with Lightlseared. Timequake isa favorite of mine.

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I think, if you want to get a good cross section of his work, you should start with Welcome to the Monkey House. It’s a collection of short stories, several of which are definitely on my faves list. The story Harrison Bergeron (which has actually been adapted to a TV special starring a post-Rudy Sean Astin, a short film in ‘06, and a feature film called 2081. The stories great. Classic examples of his satirical and dark humor abound. If you’re not into short stories, Sirens of Titan is pretty good, but fav has always been Cat’s Cradle.

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Chalk up another one for “Welcome To The Monkey House”. Totally amazing short stories. Just thinking about it makes me want to read them again.

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Cats Cradle or Breakfast of Champions. Save Timequake as the last one to read.

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+1 for Breakfast of Champions.


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Another vote for Breakfast of Champions.

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Have you read Harrison Bergeron. not a book, but a great short story.

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