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I'm not able to move the cursor on my Dell laptop. What gives?

Asked by Jude (32112points) May 22nd, 2010

She’s only a year and a bit old. The warranty is still good.

When I go to type in my password to get onto my desktop, the cursor moves just fine. Once my desktop loads, it won’t budge. Is there anything that I could do/press?

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I’m the very last person to give computer advice, but I had this issue and I have a router on my laptop. My other computer was turned completly off and when I turned it on, everything worked. Note: I am a computer idiot so if this doesn’t seem correct, ignore me.

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@chyna I’ll give it a try. Thanks!

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Process of elimination is key here…

1. Try switching the USB – that is plug your mouse into another USB port.
2. Borrow someone else’s mouse and see if that works. If it does, your mouse is busted.
3. If it’s not your mouse, then it could be your drivers. Look up the manufacturer and download the mouse drivers. They’re usually free.
4. Switch to a Mac. :)

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Is it a touchpad? Go to and download a new Synaptics driver.

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I concur. My Toshiba acted a little wonky when I first got it, but updating the driver on teh Synaptics trackpad fixed it 100%.

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You may have accidentally turned the touchpad off. Many laptops have a button at the top that if you hit will turn the touchpad off.

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