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How do you feel about my proposal introducing a mapping feature to a Fluther FAQ section (see details)?

Asked by mattbrowne (31640points) May 22nd, 2010

I’d like to suggest the following to the mods, admins and owners of Fluther. Every question should have one additional link right at the top, for example for a recent one it’d be

Is anyone else tired of answering and seeing relationship questions just restated?

Asked by Ponderer983 (719points) | asked 3 days ago | 41 responses | “Great Question” (1points) | Suggest mapping to FAQ | Flag as…

When clicking on this link the user (with lurve greater than 5000) enters the new FAQ section where frequently asked existing Fluther questions with the highest number of Great Answer scores appear and this experienced user can select from it (some help with navigation would be useful e.g. basic categories). When this is done, the new link at the top changes to

Is anyone else tired of answering and seeing relationship questions just restated?

Asked by Ponderer983 (719points) | asked 3 days ago | 41 responses | “Great Question” (1points) | See related question in FAQ list | Flag as

What are your thoughts? Is this useful? If yes, how exactly should the functionality be implemented?

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I’m not sure if I entirely understand how you are suggesting the implementation by the user but I like the general concept. The idea is worth pursuing.

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A simple implementation would be a list of, say, 30 Fluther questions with a radio button next to them. The experienced user selects the one that’s very close to the newly asked question. Done. Well, another user might disagree. It gets even more complicated if we’d allow 500 or so questions in this FAQ list, because scanning or memorizing all of them might take too long. Another question would be, does the user community progressively create these 30 or 500 questions or is it a one time activity by the mods. I think the first option is easier to carry out and makes more sense. We could simply ask everyone:

Name your top 5 FAQ that you’ve seen on Fluther at least three times. Like

What is the best way to lose weight?
Why do men cheat?
Why is cannabis still illegal?
What is a good wedding gift?
Why does my dog (or cat) pee on my carpet?

With 200 users giving input like this we could determine the most important ones. So maybe my ‘Why is cannabis still illegal?’ wouldn’t survive this step in the process.

I think it would be a killer feature and it would make Yahoo answers look like Web 0.81

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Problem is, sometimes the specifics of the question require a different answer. One cat pee on the floor question might not be able to address why a specific cat pees on the floor.

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@tinyfaery or why a cat pees on the carpet
@mattbrowne once again it seems to be a matter of search-engine development to make this useful. Otherwise this will be just like your list of “following” only longer.

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Even after the q’s have been separated to the three categories, i.e., Real Stuff, Fluff Stuff and Fluther Stuff – the subsequent posts, and future posts on each question, regardless of category, will have different threads that might’ve been, or could possibly be not only different, but differently interesting as well.

Just because the Q is the same, the thread won’t be. In this case, the Song Does Not Remain the Same.

Or did I miss something?

Nota Edita: How do I feel about it? That you put some thought into it and that I lurve you. GQ!

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@zenele – No, of course not. And it’s not my intention to replace a new thread with just a link to a previous one. The idea is to offer one additional link at the top which could also be called

Related frequently asked question with great answers

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@mattbrowne Isn’t that what the ‘siblings’ are?

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@anartist – Fluther siblings?

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@mattbrowne On the right side. When a Q comes up, sometimes on the right side is “newborn” for new Qs, sometimes on the right side is “siblings” for related Qs. Have you never noticed??

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@anartist – I just checked a few questions and couldn’t find a “siblings” link. Do you have an example?

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the page we are on now has “newborn” on the right—“siblings” is probably on the right of new2 questions. I am checking now. Yes, check the right side of new questions, below community feed. Same typestyle and position as ‘newborn’ is here.

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Thanks! I guess I should tell myself to RTFM.

Are siblings created automatically? Can users influence the list?

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It may well be a process similar to what you wanted to do. Ask Bendrewim.
My guess is pinpointing siblings would be a ‘keyword’ kind of thing done automatically.

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