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In the Realm of Danger (Jessica Yu's portrait of outsider artist Henry Darger), has anyone seen it?

Asked by Jude (32134points) May 22nd, 2010

Your thoughts? It’s look quite good.

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Haven’t heard of it but it looks great from the trailer. Wanna go?

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Okay, come and pick me up. My wheels are in for repairs.

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The thing is, no one knows too much about old Henry. I sure do love his work, though.

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@pd I thought if anyone on here would know of him, it would be you. It looks like an interesting film, for sure.

@jjmah Can I wait until you stop throwing up?

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@janbb sure. How are your driving skills, though? We don’t need a second coming, if you know what I mean.

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@jjmah Not sure if I do, but I’ll stick with my imaginings. Maybe @dpworkin will pick us both up if you don’t “fwow up” in his car.

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I agree with the comment (on YouTube) that said no one should have presumed to turn his drawings into animations.

Still, I’d be interested to see this. I’d never heard of him or his work before, but it immediately makes me think of one of the principal characters in Elizabeth Hand’s novel Mortal Love, which I recently read with considerable fascination.

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