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Why do some fluther users seem so condescending?

Asked by bulbatron9 (3707points) March 14th, 2008

For the most part everyone her is very insightful. Am I alone, in that I can’t stand to see certain users names pop up when crafting a response, because I know it is going to be something about how great they are. ex. “Yeah, this reminds me of when I was a marine biologist, and I babysat the presidents grandchildren while I was studying at Harvard.” I am not going to say any names, but damn this shit is getting old.

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I don’t know, but getting attention and/recognition is very important to some. But I will say that I make the BEST French toast in town.

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I don’t know, but this one time was driving I’m my Ferrari to my very important business executive meeting that would discuss a solution to world hunger and poverty. Later that night I figured out a new cure for cancer with my ol’ chums from Stanford. But that was all after I made sweet love to cindy Crawford.

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you lucky bastard. I’m going to hang myself with my shoe string now I feel so unimportant.

Dammit! They’re penny loafers!

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@jiboo That is exactly what I’m talking about.

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No, but seriously, I don’t have a Ferrari. Its a vette, and I only solved the poverty and hunger problems partially (got side tracked). And it wasn’t cancer I cured, it was AIDS, and I did it by myself. Screw Stanford. And also, now that I think of it, that was Eva Longoria, not cindy. Sorry bad memory.

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@ jiboo420 Man, good thing you switched it up. That first story was straight from the 80’s man. Glad too see your here helping us and being sucessfull in the now.

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This is best addressed in Man o’ War

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So, why is it bugging you? Seriously, everyone brings not just their opinions and insights to these networking sites, they also bring their emotional baggage, it’s just part of who they are.

Or, maybe I’m not bothered by it because I haven’t been here too long.

I only know that truly, life is too short to be bothered by what for me are the smaller things.

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I have a small thing….

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Is it me, bulbatron9? Is it because I’m so bossy about what to put on pancakes?

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