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Does anyone know how I can transfer my files from my iPhone to my Mac?

Asked by rawrgrr (1559points) May 22nd, 2010

Okay so my Macbook’s hard drive failed the other day and all my files are gone. Does anyone know how I can transfer all my Apps, Videos, and Music from my iPhone to my Mac? I have more than 400 songs and lots of Apps so I would appreciate a free solution. Thanks

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With apps just Authorize the computer. Store—> Authorize Computer. Then File—> Transfer Purchases From(iphone name).

For songs and movies you didn’t buy from iTunes I would download Senuti. The demo version allows 1000 transfers.

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I don’t have an iPhone so I’m not 100% sure, but my friend has a cable that connects her iPhone to her computer and she can transfer things that way (songs, pictures, ringtones, etc).

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@johnpowell Thanks! I’ll do that.

@Seaofclouds All iPhones come with that white cable. I have that too but there is no easy way to transfer files from iPhones/iPods to your computer.

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