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Why do my hands get extremely weak when i think about certain body parts?

Asked by futurelaker88 (1600points) May 22nd, 2010 from iPhone

when people mention certain body parts (anus) or talk about touching parts of their body that are not normal (same, or scrotum, or female parts) my hands get so weak i can’t hold anything or barely even type this out. they get weak like tingly and i have to shake them to regain some feeling or control. the weirdest part is that i feel NOTHING like im goof to pass out, or get light headed or dizzy at all…just the hands. it’s annoying and it make me feel like, idk the equivelant of a weak stomach, except in my hands. it happens when it’s something im uncomfortable with doing (usually on my own body) is mentioned. and it can take up to 15 minutes before my hands feel normal again!

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When I’m uncomfortable with something, I usually feel this rush of blood to my face and my cheeks and shoulders feel all tingley. Sometimes my arms are a little weak, like you said your hands get. I honestly don’t know the medical term for the feeling, but it’s kind of like butterflies in the stomach. I’ll research it once I get to my computer. LOL I can’t do much from my iPod.

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How old are you? After a certain age. touching “certain body parts” is akin to touching your ear or elbow. it sounds like severe anxiety. When you wipe your “body part” after having a BM, do you think about it or is it a routine activity?

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So.. The release of epinephrin aka: adrenaline and endorphins can cause this feeling when you become nervous. When you feel stressed, your body releases endorphins.. Your body also releases endorphins as a reaction to the release of sexual hormones.

Do you by any chance have a restricted diet? A B-12 deficiency can cause a tingly feeling in the hands and feet.

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I expect you have a symbolic association between the two, which probably was created when something happened at an early age, the memory of which is buried, but the effect is now wired in.

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Synesthesia of sorts?

If not, I would guess it’s just the way your body handles titillation, which you ought to be able to overcome (to some extent) through experience.

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I would also suggest that this is something to do with your past. I have sexual issues and find it difficult to think about sex without my tummy turning and feeling a little weak. It sounds like you have a more advanced/ acute version of this.

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