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Ear fullness and tinnitus in left ear 5 days after very loud singing; is this permanent?

Asked by mirifique (1540points) May 22nd, 2010

I’ve heard of temporary threshold shift after loud noises, etc., and this has happened to me after hearing or playing loud music, but never has the feelings of ear fullness and tinnitus (and intermittent pain) lasted this long. And it’s only in my left ear. How long can temporary threshold last and what are the chances this feeling of fullness and tinnitus are permanent?

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It could be. Your doctor should refer you to an ear specialist so you can have a complete examination.

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You should get it checked out. Since you have never had the feelings you are having now, it’s best to get it checked to be sure something else isn’t going on.

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Not sure about temporary threshold, but I am experiencing tinnitus ( decreased hearing and constant ringing/buzzing ) for sometime now. I had it checked out, and was told there is no solution. Dont get discouraged yet, get yours checked first. There are a ton of herbal products on the market supposed to treat this, but not sure of any really effective answer.

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Go to an ear doctor. It could be something as simple as ear wax buildup.

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I was in a 32 minute gunfight back in 1966. i could not hear for two days, even after my hearing came back, i suffered for years with constant ringing in my ears. today, i wear hearing aids in both ears. take care of your hearing, once its gone its gone.

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@john65pennington Holy crap. 32 minute gunfight? Was this in Vietnam?
@mirifique It’s usually temporary. But the other people are right; it could be something as simple as wax buildup.

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Rarebear, no this was a gunfight in the open woods in America. i was attempting to arrest this person and he opened fire on me. it took backup 32 minutes to reach me.

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@john65pennington Not ever having been in a gunfight myself, and only seeing them on cop and war movies/TV shows, I’m curious how that 32 minutes was spent. Do you and the criminal pin each other down? Were you laying down suppressing fire so he couldn’t run? Did you have enough ammunition?

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