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Where can I read updates on Haiti?

Asked by Mrgelastic (508points) May 23rd, 2010

I’m assuming that i have not been searching hard enough, but i seriously have no clue where to look for current new on Haiti

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CNN has a lot of information about what’s going on with Haiti since the earthquake (here). I’m not sure how often they update it or what exactly you are looking for, but there is a lot there. Hope that helps some.

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In the Caribbean.

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oh my goodness

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Be patient jellies. You don’t know who is behind the question. First, I think you meant “news” about Haiti. You can google News about Haiti and get news from any newspaper in the world; from USA Today and New York Post, to your local rag and the New York Times. Updated. Every minute, hour, depends on the paper. The actual country Haiti, and any other place, also google the name and you’ll most likely get Google Earth putting you there with a map – to Wiki explaining where it is. Happy Googling, Binging, Yahoo searching or whatever floats your search-boat.

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GQ, But that was so a few weeks ago. The media focus has moved on to its next hot topic.
That said, we will probably get a widely aired programme, in about 10 years time, about what progress has been made there.
Meanwhile, here is a current and worthy snippet.

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Thank you @lloydbird this was exacllty what i was looking for

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