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Any idea how to get oil and vinegar out of a rug?

Asked by tinyfaery (44180points) May 23rd, 2010

No big story. I spilled it and tried to clean it out. The area seems to be dry, but it still stinks and it’s annoying. Is my rug ruined or can you help?

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I would try either club soda or a commercial carpet stain removver such as Resolve. If one don’t do it, the other should.

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Club soda probably isn’t going to help with the smell. I would try a commercial remover (I personally use Woolite carpet cleaner which is great with pet stains), and I’d probably layer it with an odor remover like Febreeze.

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Try a steam cleaner. Oil and vinegar have different solubilities, so what would get one out probably will not get the other out. The commercial remover might work with a good steamer.

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Find a cleaner with citrus in it. Let it soak, suck it up.

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It sounds weird, but I’ve found dish soap (like Dawn) to be the only thing that’ll get oil out of my fabrics. Don’t use any more than you have to, or you’ll be cleaning up the bubbles for the next 2 hours!

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Can this thing just be thrown in the washer? A soap water solution might remove both the oil and vinegar if you can figure out how to apply it. Assuming you’ve soaked up as much of both with rags or something as possible, I’ve read that applying rubbing alcohol to the area will help lift the oil and prevent staining, but I’m not sure if this works or not. I use this to remove cat pee from carpet and other random stains. It is like magic. Totally gets rid of the odor and all the stains I’ve tried it on. You might try it on your rug and see if it works…but test a spot in a non-visible area to make sure it doesn’t cause any discoloring. I’ve used it on a lot of things, but never vinegar or oil.

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I would treat it with a paste of Oxyclean, leave it on for a few minutes and then flood it with clear water and soak up as much as possible with towels.

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Did you get it out?

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I haven’t tried yet. ashamed. I’m too lazy to go get some carpet cleaner.

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Just tell anyone that asks it’s your new good seasons air freshner.

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Or you could tell people you want your house to smell like an Italian restaurant. I love Italian food.

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hey – if you’ve solved that problem, I’ve got a Gulf you can take the oil out of! =P

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I got it out with some orange based stuff. Thanks all!

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