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So, should I watch the finale of Lost or will it just leave me totally confused ? See exp.

Asked by Buttonstc (27569points) May 23rd, 2010 from iPhone

When it first came on the air, I watched the whole first season and about half of the second and sporadically every once in awhile (if at all) after that.

But I just gave up in disgust as it got crazier and more illogical with no attempt made at answering ANY of the zillions of questions about what was going on.

It just continued that way and I finally gave up in disgust.

I think one of the tipping points was the Polar bear. Yeah right, on a tropical island Good grief. Give me a frickin’ break already.

I just dreaded it slipping into a total mess as have some other shows I recall which had auspicious beginnings and were really great for a few years but just descended into nothingness. (anyone else remember Earth, Final Conflict ?)

So, I’m familiar with most of the characters but haven’t watched at all for years.

What are the chances that the finale will mean anything at all to me after such a long absence?

I keep hearing how this last two hours is supposed to wrap it up in a way that supposedly makes sense and make it worthwhile for those who put so much time into it.

So, is it worth for me to spend two more hours of precious time ? What say you all?

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Don’t do it. It will mean nothing to you.

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It’s two and a half hours, and it won’t make much sense to you. It will also ruin it for you if you ever plan to go back and watch the whole thing, though it doesn’t sound like you’ll ever want to. I mean, you could give it a try and turn it off if you don’t find it worth your time.

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It won’t mean much to you if you haven’t followed the show closely for awhile.

Lost is one of those shows that requires the viewer to not miss an episode in order to understand what is going on. It’s not an easy show to watch sometimes, because it can be challenging and require some outside thought (in addition to trusting that some things will be explained later on). That’s exactly why I like the show. I can’t wait for the finale tonight.

By the way: The reason for the polar bear being on the island was very clearly and rationally explained.

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You probably only know about half the characters that will be in the finale if you haven’t seen the show in a long time.

I doubt that you would feel satisfied if the last thing you remember is the Polar bear.

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Yeah, I’m going to chime in with “don’t bother”. I’m so frickin’ glad the finale is tonight. I can watch it and be done with it and never have to watch it again.

I have a feeling that tonight’s finale is going to raise just as many questions as it answers. I’m also not entirely happy with the way they’ve been explaining a lot of things away, or the reason they’ve decided to explain mysteries X, Y, and Z, while leaving much bigger mysteries (like where the heck the numbers came from and why on Earth they were so important two seasons revolved around them) completely forgotten about.

If you have nothing better to do with the two and a half hours of your life and you want to try to keep up, have at it. Otherwise, I’d use the time to re-watch episodes of Big Bang Theory or something else equally important.

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You have to watch through the whole series. Answers to your questions about what is going on get answered in the last season. I was pretty confused for a while, too, but after I watched every episode things made sence.

In other words, don’t watch the finale tonight. Watch the whole series first. I’m pretty sure they’re all on Netflix and if not, you could always download a torrent. =]

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Don’t watch. But not because you’ll be confused (you will) but because instead of giving satisfactory answers, the creators are more going “yeah, we totally pulled it out of our a** – and you went with it!!! Suckers!!!”

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Thank you. GA for all. I knew I could count on my Fluther buddies.


I had a hunch that they were pulling it out of nowhere. Thanks for the tip off on the location :)

I appreciate good sci fi and don’t mind following a series devotedly as long as it’s well written and makes some kind of sense eventually.

But this show is no Babylon 5. And it’s not even a DS-9 either, (which also dropped off sharply in quality near the end)

I can find plenty of things better to do with my time.

I’m still following Fringe but even that’s getting iffy. The lead actress is just wooden.

But I love the character of Walter and some of his off-the-wall comments in the beginning would crack me up.

PS. Ok just for curiosity, what was the perfectly rational explanation for the Polar bear?

If it was a hallucination or something bogus like that, I’m gonna scream.

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@Buttonstc Yeah, I don’t really know what happened, but they lost their mojo this season. And they just announced today that they didn’t have all the time they needed to answer all the questions, so there will be an extra 20 minutes on the DVD. After pissing away all but 3 episodes this season with a total lack of answers.

Polar bears: The Dharma Initiative was doing some seriously weird stuff on the island. Experimenting with the magnetic field that’s different there than… anywhere else on Earth, trying to time travel, psychological experiments on people who thought they were the ones preforming the psychological experiment, developing toxic gas, etc. They brought the polar bears to the island to be part of an experiment, although we don’t’ know exactly what for. But the DI is pretty much as bat-crap crazy as the Manson Family, but with less murder, so in comparison, it makes sense.

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@Buttonstc Fringe is done by J.J. Abrams, right? Who is also co-creator of LOST? Yeah, you’re gonna get burned on that one. Abrams is great with the beginning, and some of the middle, but when it comes time for the end, just looses his shit and doesn’t deliver. Plus, as a Trekkie, I’m still screaming in pain from Star Trek 2009.

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Yeah, Fringe is his. And, if something else in its time slot causes a conflict next year, I’ll most likely bail.

It’s difficult to get invested in a show where the lead actress has so little personality or emotional range. And the more serious Walter gets, the less he tends to come out with the more hilarious one liners indicative of his warped view of everything.

I didn’t really bother rushing to the latest ST film as I figured I could always catch it later on TV. I know all too well how the movies have proven uneven over the years. Some really great, others a big yawn.

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@Buttonstc It actually was a really great movie except for the part where it was then attached to the name of Star Trek. Abrams is not a fan of Star Trek, and wanted to create a Star Trek movie for people who didn’t like Star Trek (why??? It’s not like ST isn’t rolling in dough from the actual fans) and, in not giving a shit about the universe he was taking the name of, proceeded to piss all over it. But create a similar universe that isn’t the Trek universe, and it would have been stinking awesome.

I was thinking about watching Fringe, especially after the Brown Betty episode (is that right?) but I’m afraid I’ll get burned.

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