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When you were a kid & you got your hands on some money, what would have been something you purchased without delay, or were you a saver?

Asked by ucme (46460points) May 23rd, 2010

Whenever I got my pocket money I’d spend it so fast I never knew I had it.Mainly on football stickers or comics.Never really saved unless I wanted something expensive, which was very rare.How about you,what did you do with your cash, spend or save or a mix of the two?

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I could save for a target, but not just save randomly.

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I depends on what I was into. When I was really young, it would have been barbie stuff. Then when gimp was popular, it would have been that (I always had some with me back then). Once I was done with gimp, I saved my money as best as I could.

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I never had an allowance, so the only time I would actually get money when I was younger was for birthdays and Christmas. Usually when I wanted something cool, I would have to wait until my birthday or Christmas. Whenever I got cash at those times, though, I would want to spend it right away.

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I was a saver and always had money stashed even though I had a savings account I would make deposits to. If I wanted things like toys then my folks would ask me if I wanted to spend my money and that was usually enough for me to leave off of most whims. There were chores I did to earn money even as a little kid and I did learn to charge interest for any money borrowed. Having parents who were irresponsible with money and lazy to iron clothes worked out well for me.

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When I was little, I spent my money on pogs, beanie babies, barbies and mancala.

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I never had an allowance, but if I did chores for my grandpa he would give me anything from 50¢ up to a whole dollar. (Wow!) I always took my money straight to the liquor store for candy and/or ice cream. I still have a hard time saving money.

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I used to buy records; the ones you played first on a victrola, then on a turn-table and finally on a stereo system.

I still have a collection of rare French records of the classic café chanteurs from the early 1950’s on LPs. They are irreplaceable.

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When I was really little (until about middle school), I would save it. I was very sentimental, & I thought “What if [whoever gave me the money] died? I would have this money to remember them by!”

Since about 6th grade, I just spend it whenever I want on whatever I want. I can’t save money if my life depended on it!

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@Draconess25: Be careful. At some point, your life may depend on it.

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I have never been a saver unfortunately. When I was a kid/young teenager a spent any money I could get my hands on, on sweets, magazines and CD’s.

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That depends. I didn’t really get my first money until I was 12 (we were too poor for me to get an allowance, and at 12 was when I started doing odd jobs for a bit of pocket money).

I saved money to buy clothes at the thrift shop that were not from K-Mart so that my schoolmates would stop teasing me, and occasionally, I’d get myself lunch at my favourite sandwich shop. I also saved to get myself a Sony Walkman clone and cassettes of music I wasn’t supposed to be listening to. I was never one to buy junk food or candy bars, though when I’d go to the library, I’d stop at the bakery for a cruller or a cream puff and a pint of milk.

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@gailcalled I have no life! I spend my money on Pocky & manga.

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I never had money as a kid. When I started working at about 15 I saved my earnings for fabric to make clothing.

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I could never save as a kid. My allowance went to classical records (the kind you play on a turntable), books and motorcycle parts.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land And mine still goes to CDs, books, & explosives. And Japanese snackfood, glowsticks, neon paint, chains….

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@Draconess25 Have fun while you can, sweetheart!! We’re on the same frequency, except for the motorcycle parts. :^)

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land That’s probably because I don’t drive. XD

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I was a saver.

I started working when I was 12. I was a mother’s helper, and then I’d walk dogs. I kept all my money together, and then opened a bank account all on my own.

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I was taught from my earliest memory to save at least half of everything I had, give 10% to God, and spend the rest. Now, I leave out the God part, but give at least that much to charity, save close to 20%, and buy insurance to help cover the rest.

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So glad you asked because it made me remember what a good money manager I was. I’d save after buying candy with some of my babysitting cash. I had forgotten about the saving part.

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@Draconess25 Wait; explosives? You buy dynamite? Or hand grenades?

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